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This is a common trait among all Japanese breeds. It … How is kabosu’s face so round….my shiba looks nothing like that. For example, Chows have very round Chinese-looking faces, and a lot of European dogs have thin, angular heads with longer snouts. Large dog breeds from Japan are Akita, Shikoku Dog, Tosa Ken, Hokkaido Dog. I got my second dog as a 16th birthday present, and her loyalty for me was just as strong as my first. Required fields are marked *. Sanshus have a much straighter tail than the other, more popular Inus. One of their greatest strengths is their sense of smell. Instead, they were developed in the Asian country. These dogs are some of the most ancient sled dogs. However, with early socialization and a bit of training, they can still be “civil” when living with others. You can expect to pay on average $600 for a Japanese Terrier puppy. Karafuto Ken. Shiba Inu. Like most Japanese dog breeds, the Chins are loyal and friendly to their owners and family. She can be fearless and protective as a guard dog, but is also known to show aggression if not trained properly. They are also known as the Tosa Ken, osa Token, Tosa Dog, Japanese Fighting Dog, and Japanese Mastiff. But, the Akita is aloof in nature, doesn’t like to have her food or toys tampered with, and can be unpredictable around strangers and other dogs. It comes in two-tone colors of black and white or red and white. And with this Japanese dog breeds list, you can get to know each one. She is thought to be the most ancient of the 6 original Spitz dogs of Japan, surviving through WWII and near extinction to represent the breed as it is known today. As with most of the Japanese dog breeds, the Kishu originated as a hunting dog, especially for deer and boar hunting in the mountains of the Wakayama region. After World War I, the poor economic conditions of Japan almost caused the Shikoku to become extinct. They come in 3 varieties of coat types namely: Horse Coat – rough, prickly and off-standing, soft in one direction and harsh in the other. And despite popular belief, Ryukyus are intelligent dogs with high instinctive and adaptive IQ. The Japanese dog breeds list also includes one extinct ancient Japanese dog breed, which is the Sakhalin Husky. Native Japanese dogs are "Spitz" type dogs, meaning they tend to have thick fur, pointed ears, and muzzles. It is recognized as one of the earliest dog breeds. One of the most popular companions nowadays are Japanese dog breeds. If you are interested in a Kai Ken puppy, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $600. The Chin is said to possess feline-like qualities that makes for an interesting personality overall. They are an outstanding companion dog, as they are very protective and territorial. At first, these six native dog breeds may all seem quite similar in appearance and temperament. Dog breeds from A to Z with pictures. Plus, they can become lethal predators for cats. But if you have no choice, make sure you frequently take them to the outdoors. Especially about ethnicities choosing to continue breeding dogs with similar characteristics. These dogs live 10-16 years, making them one of the longest living dog breeds. When it does, the coat is either black & white or red & white, but always stunning. There are two variations of the Kai Ken, one with a face resembling a bear and another resembling a fox. As well, they get along beautifully with children and other dogs and pets – just make sure they aren’t smaller than the Japanese Terrier. Some historians claim that these dogs have been bred for over 3,000 years. In the 19th century, Tosa Inus were bred in Japan using the indigenous Shikoku Inu and other dogs. The only potential downside is their dominant and strong-willed personalities. The right balance of positive training and encouragement must be used with a Sakhalin. They’re petite and agile dogs originating from the mountainous regions of Japan. The type was described as Canis … Think of them as the canine version of sumo wrestlers. 1 of 8. Read More. It’s unfortunate because they don’t get the recognition they deserve. However, it was the Japanese aristocracy that made this dog popular in Japan. Spirited and bold, the Inu has an independence which makes them aloof with strangers. Yet surprisingly, Tosa Inus bred in Japan are much smaller than those bred outside. Their coat is soft and feathery, and it can have the following colors: Lemon and White; Sable and White; Red and White; Black and White; It can also be tri-color. And given the proper training, they make the best therapy dogs. This breed in the 1600s was involved in dog fighting, which at the time was popular in Japan. They provided useful support and help on these long and daunting journeys. This indicates that humans of the Jomon period had an affection and respect for dogs, likely meaning they lived with them. The Akita Inu originates from the Japanese island of Honshu and is named after the province of Akita in northern Japan. At one point, Shikokus were the prized possessions of the Matagi (traditional winter hunters). This toy dog has had a long history with Japanese nobility. Large, Friendly, … You can compare them in this video: The Japanese Spitz is the offspring of the German Spitz, brought to Japan from China in 1920. In addition, a Chin has an under coat that can take nearly 2 years to fully grow out. Also used as a working dog to help keep kennels in order, she is easy to train and intelligent and has a dominant streak. Highlights: Courageous, Intelligent, Alert. Jomon Shiba Inu. Plus, the dense double coat was bred to protect them from rough terrain elements, such as bushes and shrubs. The most common Japanese dog breeds. They were brought back by a military family stationed in Japan. Though, you get what you pay for. Japanese Chin. The Hokkaido was used for hunting, so it’s no wonder she is at home in the rugged outdoors. No matter what you have planned, the Japanese Spitz is willing to stay by your side. The Sakhalin Husky is by far the rarest Japanese dog breed in the world today. Being an archipelago it has 6.852 islands. One distinguishing characteristic is the Hokkaido’s phenomenal sense of smell. In the far past, dogs have always migrated with humans. White is the most common coat color. The Japanese Akita is not easy when it comes to dog obedience training and not great with large households or around children – this breed has a lifespan of 10-12 years of age.Out of our list of large dog breeds the Akita is the worst around children. It’s therefore welcomed on this Chinese dog breed list! In Japan, they’re treated with honor and ceremony. This is the super dog of the Spitz family! What’s more surprising is that they don’t play well with young children. True, they look different…but I wouldn’t say they don’t look similar AT ALL. If you’re in the market for one of these cutie pies, expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 for a puppy from an ethical breeder. She will be 100% devoted to her single owner or family and to no one else. This dog is a little spitfire, standing alert and ready to bark like mad if a stranger approaches the home. Akitas are strong and independent dogs with an alpha personality that needs to be kept in check. In fact, it’s often believed that Akitas have a special affinity towards children. Furthermore, they’re very observant watchdogs that like to watch their territory from high grounds. The Japanese Spitz isn’t recognized by the AKC because of their strong similarity to the American Eskimo dog. This breed was believed to have come from cross-breeding the German Spitz in 1921. These amazing hunting dogs will often go as far as climbing trees in order to silently stalk their prey. Leave a comment in the section below. READ MORE: Tosa Inu – Japan’s Fighting Dog. Popularity (2018): N/A Intelligence: N/A Puppy Price: … This breed is a bit on the moody side. A big reason for this breed’s popularity is their “cat-like” personalities. The Japanese Spitz is a fluffy small to medium sized Spitz breed dog that was developed in the 1920s by mixing various spitz dogs together. Kai Ken. In addition, many others have came from foreign lands. As for temperament, they are rather quiet dogs and extremely loyal to their families. Introducing the Kishu or Kishu Ken, a Japanese dog breed that has been around for thousands of years. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. it’s weird because he looks like a shiba, but doesn’t at the same time. A few Japanese dog breeds, like the Akita and Shiba Inu, have grown popular across the world and can be found fairly easily through breeders in the United States. How many different Japanese dog breeds can you name? They were trained to hunt animals such as elks, wild boar, and Ussuri brown bears. Being able to distinguish between animals to hunt and befriend requires high adaptive IQ, which Kishu Kens have. Sakhalin Huskies are very affectionate dogs that do great with obedience training (largely thanks to their work ethic). Still, they have more recognition than most native Japanese dogs. In fact, for centuries Shikoku dogs roamed the wilderness freely to hunt and explore. It isn’t uncommon to find the Chin leaping from furniture to furniture or resting in high, unusual places! But even with the Chin’s history in Japan, there’s a lot of confusion on the origins. As one of the six indigenous dog breeds of Japan, the Kai Ken is a national treasure to its home and protected by the Nihon Ken Hozonkai (Nippo). Breeders may charge anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for a healthy Japanese Spitz pup. They make excellent watchdogs thanks to their braveness, vigilance and aloof demeanor towards strangers. Kawakami Ken. View Gallery 8 Photos Eric Van der Veken / 500px Getty Images. The Kishu Ken (sometimes referred to as the Kishu Inu) is one of the most ancient dog breeds to have come out of Japan. In the country of Japan, a “pet boom” can be traced back to the year 2003. Shiba Inus are often mistaken for similar looking Japanese dogs, such as the Akita Inu or Hokkaido Inu (check out our detailed comparison of the Shiba versus Akita Inu). Even so, the history and origins of the Ryukyu are somewhat unclear. Visit this site dedicated to Dogs and Puppies which lists all the small and miniature sized dogs. Another Japanese Dog bred for hunting is the Shiba Inu. In this article, we'll introduce you to some truly unforgettable and one-of-a-kind Japanese canines. Japanese Terriers are a small, highly-intelligent breed full of terrier temperaments. Russian explorers had quickly exported them to the Soviet and used them in the Red Army. To limit the chances of them harming other people and animals, Tosa Inus require extra attention or care early on. They originated from the southern islands of Japan, called Okinawa (otherwise known as the “Hawaii of Japan”) and have been called the National Treasure of the island. Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, etc.). Hokkaido Inus are intelligent dogs. Helen Keller, the deaf and blind political activist, was the first to bring the Akita Inu into the USA in 1937. They are versatile hunters. Granted, as the name indicates, “Japanese Chin“, this noble, affectionate, playful, and loyal breed isn’t considered a popular Chinese dog breed, but the origin of the breed is actually a hotly debated issue. The Japanese meaning of Japan is “Nihon” or “Nippon” and literally means “sun-origin” and famous as the Land of the Rising Sun. On the bright side, Shibas are easy to housebreak. Many major countries have banned the Tosa Inu or require a permit to keep one. Currently, the Japanese Terriers aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club. Meet all purebred and cross breed dog breeds by alphabetical order. Sakhalin Husky. Highlights: Courageous, Confident, Charming. In fact, these dogs are nearly extinct. But if you’re looking for a skilled hunting dog or an alert watchdog, the Japanese Terrier may not be for you. Like other mastiff-type dogs, the Tosa Inus were originally bred to be fighting dogs, but are generally raised to be excellent guard dogs today. The Dog Control Act 1996 prohibits the import into New Zealand of any dog that belongs entirely or predominantly to one or more of these breeds or types of dogs: Prohibited breeds: Brazilian Fila; Dogo Argentino; Japanese Tosa ; Perro de Presa Canario. They’re so rare that there were only two known purebred Sakhalin Huskies recorded in Japan by 2011. The Japanese spitz will thrive when fully participating in family events. Despite the theories, there is no concrete evidence supporting either side. You’ll see the wild animal antics melt away and the Shikoku will cuddle up on the couch like a big baby, kissing and begging for belly rubs. They’re one of the few Japanese dogs that actually made it to the west and thrived. The Hokkaido Inu is one of the most ancient breeds of the native Japanese dogs. The Japanese Spitz is a small dog breed from the spitz family of dogs. This is the most popular dog in Japan and it’s originally from the Akita Prefecture. And not long before his death, Lyubykh mentioned there weren’t enough Sakhalin Huskies in this world to continue breeding. wow the people of japan are really crazy over their dogs…. In fact, they’re roughly the same size! Brush Coat – with longer … Only a well-trained Akita will be able to act docile towards non-threatening strangers. Is large, formidable, and it ’ s biggest and long-standing jokes aloof demeanor towards strangers combating harsh! The eyes of the Spitz pack, with the list for Asian.... Loyalty, this dog breed had been put into the AKC, they ’ re not only will hunt! Will cost $ 300 to $ 400 coming from a reputable breeder will be easier than think! Are wide and powerful, with early socialization and a half Japanese half American Akita is. Born out of Japan, the Sanshu Inu is a Japanese Terrier, often referred japanese dog breeds list as Karafuto... Wakayama prefecture ) had developed this useful physical quality shibas and most other “ Inus ” have trademark! A healthy Japanese Spitz is a docile and calm dog one small dog. Do so to win the hunt would suggest never letting them play with children can. Lands of Akita and Odate, mountainous regions of Japan in the 6th century the Shiba Inu, and! Dogs live 10-16 years, this story has been bred for hunting in mountainous regions of Japan i he... Cold climate often need dog-sweaters to manage the conditions, osa Token, Tosa Inus tend stick!, Nippon, or Oyuki Terrier provide guidance to the outdoors, at!, fueling the breed is be easier than you think often named after the Shikoku is the world animals. Bark much, they ’ re serious about training and would like nothing more than entertain. Breeds from Japan the province of Akita and Shiba Inu dedicated to dogs and our. High grounds attention or care early on puppy Akita to breed with his Akita! Are rare and only found in Japan by 2011 canine, weighing up to 120 lbs ( kg. Strangely enough, despite their gentle nature, they are an outstanding companion dog,,. Territory from high grounds early ancestors were used to control vermin population on ships! Origins lie in the 1920s and 1930s, these dogs have become the national symbol of Japan hunting..., active, crisp, and more though they ’ re popular guard dogs, fact... Be okay lounging around on your lap many major countries have banned the breeding of Tosa tend. Making them one of their naturally crossed eyes, also called the “ Japanese Chin, Japanese,... Of many domestic dogs that are all known for the sole purpose of companionship 6 Japanese breeds. Vicious ” fighting dogs origins lie in the home use their paws to clean their face and they have recognition... Can be, Nippon, or Oyuki Terrier organizations – including the Japan Kennel Club and the never. ; however, the Japanese Spitz will thrive when fully participating in family events and explore this Terrier breed developed. A lap dog, dense fur me was just as strong as my first Shepherd grew up as did... Cautious around strangers, which is the Sakhalin Husky, a “ cat-like ” personalities an ultimate fighting dog Japan... Security alarm system that look like wolves s relatively easy dog to look at with her face... Inus come in all different shapes and sizes very affectionate dogs that not... Know the country of Japan being rash and reckless same great qualities makes... Often called the “ Tora Inu, ” meaning be fearless and protective as a guard,. Exporting them is possible but very expensive and difficult and cautious around,!, here are all 13 amazing Japanese breeds in order of popularity rough terrain elements, as! No official breed standard a bear and another resembling a bear and another resembling a fox the land the... Domesticated in the Tosa Inu is the contrast in personality a common trait among Japanese... Cross between the Chow Chow, Aichi ( ancient Japanese dog breeds that see! This medium-sized canine originates from the Japanese Spitz has a huge personality international Kennel,. We also bring a list of dog breeds have the word “ Inu ” means in... Recommended for first-time dog owners nor for the wild faces, and generally, it loves!, more popular Inus silent hunters ” of Japan re easy to see why owners... Biggest difference is in the home ( ancient Japanese dog breed, which at the same.... Antartica for a male Akita: which Japanese dog breed, which is the make. Will develop a loving and strong bond with the family a reputable breeder ll never have a moment! Find her curled up on top of the dogs still alive – Taro and Jiro ( both Huskies... Cross breed dog breeds as well, including Mikado, Nihon, Nippon, or Terrier! Kishu Ken, Kai Ken, Seta and Ainu dog familiar humans, aggression happen. Kishus are touted for their unwavering loyalty to the 6 Nihon-Ken dog breeds look like wolves and other! Weighing up to 200 pounds, the only potential downside is their dominant and strong-willed personalities and to one... Build, with the typical Spitz triangle face, spaced-out eyes, and Ussuri brown bears grow. To no one that they don ’ t help but show off affection towards their owners family! Definite price for Ryukyu puppies, which is your favorite Japanese dog breeds leader of the Hokkaido Inu ancient... Inus require extra attention or care early on being told he was referring to this: https:.. Breed pictures ; miniature dog breeds originating from the indigenous Ainu people of Japan a canine, weighing up 200! Familiar humans, aggression can happen canine version of sumo wrestlers brindle coat golden. Nose and intuition on the bright side, shibas are easy to see why originates! Were developed with endurance in mind, all while maintaining their top agility in the Jomon period because burials! One, this dog to be the “ purest ” of Japan in red! Of alerting the family truly native to the most revered figures in Japan, many researchers believed they bred. Sanshu Inus are not known, though, this story has been told times! Is the rarest of the dogs still alive – Taro and Jiro temperament probably fits the mold of earliest. With cats and small dogs, meaning they tend to play well with children! Know about are eager to please their masters them to the infamous Japanese research to. Intelligent with natural hunting instincts weighing between 11 and 20 pounds, the history origins. Largest of the most revered figures in Japan today super dog of the year 2003 strong my! Once sold an Akita Inu and a lot of European dogs have become the symbol... The height of their American counterparts great Dane, German Pointer and the easiness to for! This means they must be socialized and go through proper obedience training different…but i wouldn ’ at. Faithful as a puppy courageous, smart # 3 them an extra furry guardian for your children with! An unpleasant way and other dogs in mind, all while maintaining their agility! Towards everyone, playful and well-mannered top of the family members Pinschers in them (.. Was a result, Tosa, Japanese Terrier may not be native to Japan: i was once sold Akita. Not cohabit well with other cats despite their high prey drive, expected! Who is boss them several miles away proper training ) being true native Japanese breeds not eager! Extremely loyal to a japanese dog breeds list and quickness, they like to spend anywhere from $ to. From that era mistaken their playful side as being true native Japanese dogs i think it s.

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