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fish species that are very popular for fly anglers. “Blueback” refers to the blue back of this imaginary fish when it first imaginarily returns to freshwater after a short foray (several months) in the ocean. Written by: Ethan Barrow, Adventures Across Oregon There are lots of opportunities within striking distance of Portland. In the end I landed 2 sea-run cutties and 2 native cutthroat and easily missed 3 others. Upriver Blueback (their backs are not always blue, depending on how recently they returned from the ocean and the microhabitat they are laying in) tend to spread out in long very slow moving pools, associated with wood or … ... How to Fish for Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout (9780936608020): Les Johnson: Books . Lots and lots of them. A beautifully marked sea-run cutthroat caught on the surface with a Miyawaki Beach Popper. Anglers can target feisty resident cutts that live year-round in their native stream, as well as larger more aggressive sea-run cutthroat that divide their time between fresh and saltwater. But no one knows about the huge run of wild summer steelhead on the South Santiam, yet, so for now, I have this wilderness river pretty much to myself. He has worked in daily newspapers for 17 years, including as senior reporter and outdoor columnist for The Olympian. can’t go Hardcore and can only pack minimal gear in the car …. However, let us imagine that there were actual sea-run cutthroat in Oregon. Flies: Chartreuse Clousers; Olive and White Lefty’s Deceivers; Gold Rolled Muddlers; and did I tell you searuns love surface flies! D. … Sea Run Cutthroats. A beautiful example of a sea-run cutthroat trout. But when the salmon are still meandering their way down from Alaska and the steelhead rivers are running high and dirty, the savvy fly fisher picks up a fly rod and heads to the nearest beach. These anadromous cutthroat trout are NOT present in Oregon coastal rivers. What would you think of throwing a floating fly on a long leader behind a float? Sea-runs are native trout that enter the saltwater for short periods of time and run back up their natal rivers to spawn. About the Author By the time they return to fresh water to spawn, these fish can be up to 18-inches long and are bright silver, much like a small steelhead. Chinook and Coho. Reply. I stopped by your store this past Sunday to pick up a 5 wt Encounter outfit. Good Luck!-Spydey . Simply the Best Place to go for Online Fly Fishing and Fly Tying This barrier offers fly anglers a rich haven for casting flies to sea run cutthroat trout and all species of salmon without the crashing surf found on the coast.The state of Washington has nearly 3,000 miles of saltwater shorelines, much of which are within close proximity to the Seattle area. Then the problem will just go away. When fly fishers think of the Pacific Northwest, they think of wild rivers full of salmon and big wild steelhead. Different day, same result. by Jeffry Gottfried (Portland, Oregon) Educational Recreational Adventures guided more than 15 anglers this fall on tenkara fly fishing trips for cutthroat trout. There are not, but what if there were? So if I wander back and forth please excuse the naming chaos. Salmon are also present in the river at certain times of. When asked what time of year Oregon’s coastal cutthroat spawn, he said, “Considering that we have documented them spawning in 9 out of 12 months of the year, it’s fair to say they spawn whenever they want to.” Reminded me of an experience I had with pesky cutts about ten years ago. ( Log Out /  Sea-run cutthroat are also referred to Cutties, Cuttys, Blueback, and Harvest trout. A fly hooked chinook boils on the surface. Rules: 1. I managed to us the word “would” three times in two sentences. Fly Fishing for Sea-run Cutthroat quantity ... Chester Allen . Welcome to Two Dudes Fly Fishing! Somebody please explain to those cutthroat that they are spring spawners!”. Shellie Erastus. We fish gently sloping rocky beaches with floating lines, long leaders and small baitfish imitations. Cutthroat tend to be predatory and one should fish most flies with an active twitch-and-strip retrieve.. They’ll eat most anything that is available, but especially favor crawfish, sculpin, juvenile salmon and steelhead, and the like. photo courtesy Leland Miyawaki When fly fishers think of the Pacific Northwest, they think of wild rivers full of salmon and big wild steelhead. Again, this is a desperate attempt to decrease the density of steelhead anglers and send them into fishless reaches of Oregon coastal rivers, sell more tackle, burn more fossil fuel, and generally disperse anglers across fishless waters where they won’t interfere with serious and knowledgeable steelhead and/or salmon anglers. Any advice on where and how to fish for coastal cutthroat in estuaries and bays? . The good part is the non existant run is building and getting better, at this rate soon the non existant fishery should be great fun. is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. "I could say a lot more about Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat, but I’ll conclude with two simple statements: 1) It’s a truly fine book, one that deserves a place with the classics of Northwest fly fishing and 2) if you are a saltwater cutthroat fly fisherman, you should buy it." Flies designed for the sea-run cutthroat trout of Puget Sound and the Pacific Nortwest in both fresh and saltwater. This great fish ate an October caddis dry fly. This is all part of a plot to lure fly anglers away from places where the summer steelhead seeking populace has grown to the point that there are 1.7 fly fishers standing on every Deschutes River rock and valet parking has become the norm at every pull-out on the California – North Umpqua Interstate Highway.

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