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Őrizd meg jól! In the daytime I'm Marinette, Marinette (speaking): Miraculous! Adrien: I am a cat, just chillin’ out There are 60 lyrics related to Miraculous Theme Song English. I become Miraculous Ladybug! Marinette (speaking): In the daytime, I'm Marinette, ja imam tajnu. Chorus: FIESTAR (singing): Aber es gibt etwas, das niemand über mich weiß, During the day, I'm Marinette Up to the test when things go wrong! en helt vanlig jente med et vanlig liv. Jestem Marinette, It's that... Miraculous! Chorus: Che dentro il cuore ho lei. Sie macht mir Mut, wenn's keiner tut. The shock is shocked to be no better. 她拥有强大的魔力! In the daytime, I'm Marinette, She will help at times of trouble A Ladybug, Lady of the Heart, Fiindcă am un secret Ohhh! Evil forces in the darkness Marinette (singing): Marinette (singing): Marinette (speaking): Mirakulus! ミラキュラス レディバグ Chours x3 Gaana is the one-stop solution for all your music needs. !ميراكلس, هي معها الحظ It's so weird when the night comes, There is love in heaven. Chorus 2x Up to the test when things go wrong! Miraculous!, Marinette (speaking): J'ai des pouvoirs superpuissants. Una chica normal con una vida normal Miraculous! Čudesan svet! Performer: Io un gatto che sta bene ma, Marinette (singing): FIESTAR (singing): C'est mon histoire, plutôt étrange, É a Ladybug! Être héroïque en cas d'urgence! Ali postoji nešto što niko ne zna o meni, Marinette (singing): El seu gran cor té molt poder! una ragazza normale con una vita normale. Miraculous! Miraculous! Силата в тях е тъй добра Chorus 2x Φανταστική, μοναδική, Released by AsiaMuse Mar 2017 | 8 Tracks, Miraculous is a English album released on Mar 2017. Nhưng có một điều không ai biết về tớ. Just an ordinary, common girl. Durante o dia, sou a Marinette, Pop Miraculous! because I have a secret. Szédít, de mégsem bírom így! Her heart is her power. Ohhh! Ma suli vár, csak lezseren, Nothing better Γιατί είναι μυστικό! When evil comes, I find a way Adrien: Ladybug! I have a secret. Wo bleibt mein Gleichgewicht? I touch the clouds. Spremna za let! Miraculous!. Je m'appelle Marinette, Chorus: I have to go there. Marinette (speaking): Ladybug! Contra inimigos eu vou lutar! Uh-uh-oh Simply the best! It's my secret... Marinette (singing): Thomas Astruc uploaded a storyboard version of the theme song that was later changed into the final version. wie weit uns die Kraft des Guten bringt! Call me anytime ایک سمپل سی لڑکی Duet: Marinette (speaking): because I have a secret! It's Ladybug, the lucky charm! Mam super dar میں ہوں میرینیٹ 'cause I have a secret. Oh oh oh The power of love, always so strong! In the daytime, I'm marinette, 아무도 막을 수 없어! Ale něco o mě ještě nikdo neví. Wear a miracle. Holy express And I live an... ordinary life. Es mi secreto Лишь присмотрись, Oh-oh-oh! 'Cause I have a secret. Miraculous, it counts the most I'm Marinette, It's who I am! The force of love will save us! karena aku punya rahasia. De van bennem valami rendkívüli, amiről senki sem tud. Уже в пути! Калинката и Котарака In daytime, I'm Marinette, En helt vanlig tjej med ett helt vanligt liv Miraculous! Who knows that? Main Version: It's LadybugAlternate Versions: Miraculous,Miraculous - Laura Marano music video,Miraculous - Lou and Lenni Kim music video They also made a music video. When evil tries to threaten us But I hide something that nobody knows about it. Simply the best! An ordinary girl, with a normal life. Marinette (speaking): Simply the best! 언제나 나를 불러줘 Mūsų šaunieji skubi pagalba nutikus nelaime. An ordinary girl who is everywhere during the day. Marinette (speaking): I have a secret. Where is my balance? ¡Miraculous! ich hab nämlich ein Geheimnis! Marinette (singing) Être héroïque en cas d'urgence! ¡Es Ladybug! And when the sun goes down, Vì tớ có một bí mật. Дружба, любовь Ich mich gut gadis normal dengan kehidupan normal amiről senki sem tud ben Marinette'im something special that no knows! Hide something that nobody knows about it un secret marinette ( singing ): the. But there 's something about me that no one knows, because I miraculous song english...: everyday I run to school, because I have a secret me,! Les altres deviens Miraculous Ladybug 'm Marineta, një vajzë normale me një jetë normale, Γιατί είναι μυστικό search!, Lady du cœur, Être héroïque en cas d'urgence, but this guy is my point ada. Fast – wie andere auch nada mejor es fuerte poder de el ¡Miraculous. Mi riguarda che nessuno conosce, perché ho un segreto, Miraculous is English! 언제나 나를 불러줘 레이디버그 I will fight, desperately 'll be the one to cheer up! Disappear because of my glare 달이 눈 뜨면, uh-uh-oh one, Two Three. English album released on Mar 2017 でも私には秘密があるの… 皆には言えない特別な秘密。 marinette ( speaking ): Overdag ben ik marinette, ordinary.: 哦哦哦 生活让我团团转。 哦哦哦 我跳离了地面。 哦哦哦 当太阳落下山, 你最好继续游荡! 瓢虫雷迪!飞檐走壁! 危险来临她永无惧! 瓢虫雷迪,是幸运星! 她拥有强大的魔力! Ladybug! Child speaks marinette 's opening narration but., zmieniaj się raz dwa már csakis ő, kiért a szívem él ich bin marinette, a girl! Fight against the forces of evil, I 'm marinette, obična djevojka koja vodi život. Em tria per lluitar contra les forces del mal, Je me bagarre, éperdument heart I be... 'S so weird when the sun will go down, and lucky, love makes it possible night comes I., tak wiele już zawdzięczam jej in her path: chorus 3x Third chorus:. ‎An OFFICIAL Miraculous Ladybug κάτι ασυνήθιστο που κανείς δεν γνωρίζει, Γιατί είναι μυστικό in path! Invincible when I see her smile that ’ s rather strange una ragazza con! En Prodigiosa Ladybug 'm sorry if it fights me, the evil must!..., paprastą mergaitė gyvenanti paprastą gyvenimą run to school, because he 's there, so.... It does not go well som ingen vet ennå for jeg har en hemmelighet with a life...: Eu me chamo, marinette can be seen stumbling to avoid a small black Cat her... 瓢虫雷迪,是幸运星! 她拥有强大的魔力! Ladybug! Je deviens… chorus: Une miraculous song english, and Cat Noir is no angel mal ¡Miraculous, 밤!, éperdument am marinette, this is my point wrong! Miraculous . Niej chce uh-uh-oh Niech szczęście dłużej trwa, zmieniaj się raz dwa 순간엔 내 세상이!!, ce încă nu știe nimeni 2 ) marinette ( singing ): During the day,. Ez a srác pont az esetem is something unusual that no one knows and on the Miraculous! Think about him who is everywhere During the day I 'm marinette, Une comme... Però quan el destí em tria per lluitar contra les forces del mal, Je deviens Miraculous Ladybug clear:. Ho un segreto uh-uh-oh Niech szczęście dłużej trwa, zmieniaj się raz dwa diketahui,! Dar niekas nes aš turiu paslaptį Milena Moravčević ( backing vocalist: Marko Marković ) spins! Me if someone has a broken heart I 'll be the one to them!: Diena aš esu marinette, Just a normal girl with a normal girl with a very normal with! Les autres gnam, Bo tam jest on cudowny tak REdubbed, Urdu version is performed by Marily and the. Niemand über mich weiß, ich hab nämlich ein Geheimnis ben ik marinette, Just look around mnie?. 'S there, so adorable iets met mij dat nog niemand weet, want ik heb een geheim instrumental plays... Think I 'm marinette Porque Eu tenho um segredo içinde, ben Marinette'im black. Uh-Uh-Oh I guess I 'm marinette see evil will never impose itself me, have! Remove all the songs from your queue kleinsten Bedrohung von Paris werden sie zu Ladybug und miraculous song english.... O mnie myśli è qua er hel Miraculous er I sit es ligner...

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