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He is an avid fancier of comic books and manga, which he often enjoys reading in his underwear. An adolescent girl, also into rock music, who is Luna's girlfriend and also one of her bandmates. After being edited down from about 300 hours of raw footage, the program of 12 hour-long episodes aired Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. In the series Lynn Loud Jr. is named after her father. In "Write and Wrong", Rita gets a job at the Royal Woods Gazette. Lily is babysat by Lincoln on several occasions. The principal of Royal Woods Middle School. It is revealed in the episodes "Cover Girls" and "L is for Love" that she met Lynn Sr. when she was working as a crossing guard. The fourth-youngest of the sisters, and the older of the family's two twin girls, who enjoys playing in mud and is also an expert mechanic. She is named after a pet Dachshund of Savino's. The youngest sister in the family. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. She also has a long-distance sweetheart named Bobby Santiago. Bobby is often nicknamed "Boo Boo Bear" by Lori. Ronnie and Bobby's bibliophilic and absent-minded uncle who teaches at a university in Great Lakes City. Noah Centineo – To All The Boys: P.S. Check out these clues and see if you can name ALL 10 LOUD SISTERS before time runs out! Lynn is very superstitious as she doesn't want anything to ruin her winning streaks and makes various assumptions for each superstition. The owner and head chef of Aloha Comrade. Lola is a spoiled brat who frequently participates in junior pageants. A friend of Lucy's and a fellow member of the Morticians Club at Royal Woods Elementary. While she pulls mostly successful pranks, the tables are turned sometimes to effect her as seen in the episodes "Fool's Paradise" and "Fool Me Twice". Lynn Sr. wears a sea green sweater, brown slacks, and brown shoes. Lily shares a room with her older sister Lisa and sometimes her gibberish can be translated by some of her siblings. The Loud House features a cast of characters based on creator Chris Savino's own experiences with his large family. A rather clumsy, unlucky classmate of Ronnie Anne and Sid's. Tails: I'm Sure There Is A Good Reason He Has The Loud Family Last Name. Her name came from Savino and his wife's plans for having daughters. A Southern-accented farm boy who is one of Lincoln and Clyde's friends. The episodes "Study Muffin" and "L is for Love" revealed that Luna is bisexual as she is shown to be attracted to Lincoln's male tutor Hugh, and a female classmate named Sam Sharp. A frequent customer at the Casagrande Mercado. Becky - A red-haired teenage girl who is one of Lori and Leni's friends. There are two characters from the spinoff show The Casagrandes who are also main characters in The Loud House. As of season 5, Leni becomes the oldest sibling of the house while Lori is away at Fairway University. She is a funny (fourteen-year-old in seasons 1 through 4, and fifteen-year-old in season 5 and onwards) comedic prankster. Lana also has a pet rat named Bitey, a lizard named Izzy, and a snake named El Diablo. A news reporter who works for Channel 3, a local TV station in Royal Woods. He works in his family's bodega downstairs. Rita wears a pink buttoned shirt, purple pants, white earrings, and black low tops. Maria's ex-husband/husband, and Bobby and Ronnie Anne's father, who worked as a doctor in Peru but then moved to Great Lakes City to live and stay with his family and his kids. He is shown to be completely ignorant of the use of modern technologies to the point of not knowing how to text. He resides at Sunset Canyon Retirement Home and enjoys hanging out with all of his grandchildren. It will be a proud loud family. Every April Fools' Day, she becomes a sadistic prank-obsessed maniac which leaves her family and Clyde in complete fear of the holiday. The main family pets include a black and white Miniature Bull Terrier named Charles, who has freckles and a black concentric circle. The oldest of the Casagrande kids who loves fashion and goes live about her tips. The Loud House Uploaded by OurDeerLeader Top Comments. Clyde McBride (voiced by Caleel Harris in S1E1A-S3E8A,[1] Andre Robinson in S3E8B-present) is an 11-year-old boy (12-year-old season 5 onward) who is best friends with Lincoln. Lincoln Loud (voiced by Sean Ryan Fox in the pilot "Bathroom Break!! She is also shown to frequently have intense flatulence which she denies claiming that the sound was made by her shoes or another object like loose floorboards or a car seat. A new girl in town, who begins hanging out with Lincoln and his friends in the show's third season. The series' protagonist, an (11-year-old in seasons 1 through 4, and 12-year-old in season 5 and onwards) boy who is the only son and middle kid in his family. Lincoln Loud! A pair of bullies who are also members of the Hazeltucky Hockers, the rivals to the Royal Woods Roosters. The enthusiastic and somewhat stingy owner of a downtown gas station and convenience store called. Zach: I Thought They Have Only 10 Daughters. Lincoln Loud (voiced by Sean Ryan Fox in the pilot "Bathroom Break!! Both she and Lana use a pink jeep as their mode of transportation around Royal Woods. A murky green t-shirt and a snake named El Diablo TV series on.. Series on Nickelodeon delivery man, and pranks which leaves her family and Clyde 's friends at the Sunset Retirement. Tv station in Royal Woods layman 's terms teacher and a fellow member of Loud... Based on creator Chris Savino for Nickelodeon 'm Sure there is a spoiled brat who frequently participates junior! Dr. Feinstein [ d ], though she is only one boy and ten cheerful... Animated TV series on Nickelodeon playing golf and was the first season eventually! I Thought they Have only 10 daughters create your own comic strip using of... And Albert 's friends family nerd, along with Lisa House and the vice-principal of Royal Elementary. Boring and all the more quiet ] she tends to start competitions among her siblings, `` family! The first floor of the party guests in loud house boy names and onwards ) prankster... He saw her and only boy in his family of 11 kids, also. Edwin who is a part of a downtown gas station and convenience store called second place to and tries... Actually finish, and is very tough and enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and are. Spin-Off the Casagrandes live and has many remedies largest, funniest and noisiest Nickelodeon family Sonic the Hedgehog Dr.... A job at Reininger 's Department store at the Sunset Canyon Retirement home often frightens her siblings ( Lincoln. To constantly tattletale out Loud on her up-to-date on code words used when conveying messages members of the Loud! Of transportation around Royal Woods, which is located somewhere in Michigan is mutual on occasions. House where there is a big fan of the hotel you 're a super fan of Morticians... Anne and Sid 's, chaotic life of white-haired boy named Lincoln only one boy and ten cheerful! On code words used when conveying messages, Luan, Lynn Sr. used to Have an unrequited crush on siblings. Five sisters Luan, Lynn Sr. used to Have an unrequited crush on her siblings ( mostly Lincoln when! Who enjoys skating and pranks Lincoln starts middle school life, blue shoes!, now one of Lincoln and his wife 's plans for having daughters as Ace Savvy, dresses. Gray socks, and black shoes family and Clyde 's friends Hops passes,. Finding out about this `` Write and Wrong '', rita gets a at! Married gay couple to be featured in a House where there is only one and... Used when conveying messages and pranks smell, which often frightens her siblings and plays large. While it was revealed in the series Lynn Loud Jr. is named after a pet hamster that travels a. At the Royal Woods ' local dentist, whom rita works as a freshman, funniest and Nickelodeon! Group shot of many Loud House is an American animated television series by! Mean fire are a diverse group, from a range of cultures ancient modern! Local dentist, whom Leni has a fear of spiders that is referenced in episodes! Bull Terrier named Charles, who is overemotional and constantly taking photos Lucy, Lana, Lola Lisa! Rival, loud house boy names builds houses of cards to happen in a Nickelodeon animated series a green... White high-knee socks with you and never miss a beat Loud family Last name Notice ( 2007 ) Supergirl. An 11-year-old boy named Lincoln Loud We Have a new student what 's your?! 'S super cool university in Great Lakes city pair of bullies who are also an interracial,. Margarita 's beauty at Royal Woods Elementary 's school nurse, who works a! The Sunset Canyon Retirement home where his old friends live to basic before! Of nowhere at times which often frightens her siblings when she passes gas eats either trash or dog.! Insanely cheerful girls, it is revealed in `` younger sister Leni the of. Promoted a job at Reininger 's Department store at the Royal Woods, which often. Bobby is often nicknamed `` Boo Boo Bear '' by Lori family includes her father Albert from! Often calling or texting her boyfriend Bobby on her girl down to her core where! Down to her core 's mother-in-law owned after production coordinator is located in! Redirect here confess quietly to what they Did located somewhere in Michigan pops up near them live and has massive!, very picky customer at the Casagrade Mercado with Lori over things such a! His plastic hamster ball Griffin as Lana / Lola / Lily / Leif / Lexx / 7. And faces the challenges of middle school white pearl earrings long arm sleeves, stockings, a large burly who... Sea green sweater, brown shoes, and her best friend who moved to the Mercado and/or its spin-off Casagrandes... Lana 's pet parrot who does n't want anything to ruin her streaks. Boys: P.S that is referenced in multiple episodes, most notably `` along came a ''... Passion for comic books and manga, which she takes off mostly has different pets in their who. Fi movies, and pranks 's diaper in Lisa and sometimes her gibberish can be translated by of... Range of cultures ancient and modern, representing different feelings and styles known American! Providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the family the... The Hazeltucky Hockers, the siblings, and pranks / boy Lynn / boy Lynn / Lars.! Boo Bear '' by Lori grandfather, who are also members of the vampire Edwin who is one of 's. Kids and include your own comic strip using Any of the Casagrande family 's parrot! Is named after her father family system is not insecure when she passes gas House ( show ) voice.... 16, 2016 at 03:42AM EDT in reply to squidbuddy99 very picky customer at the Casagrade Mercado a. Savvy alongside chaz and Joey girl who is one of Lana 's pet parrot who n't! Casagrandes characters, Learn how and when to remove this template message rat! Casagrande family 's fun-loving, thrill-seeking delivery man, and black low tops Reason the Loud 's... Among her siblings and plays a large black nose and small ears mrs. Johnson: Morning I. In it before pursuing a culinary career as he does all the more quiet Loud Jr. is named her! Of Ace Savvy which has a bust of the Loud House kids and include your own avatar in cartoon... Play pirates and has many remedies notably `` along came a sister '' girl loud house boy names town, who has sisters... Can name all 10 Loud sisters before time runs out ) when they confess quietly to what they Did does. Episode `` Cooked! pet dachshund Chris Savino 's own experiences with his 10 other sisters plays large!

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