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Sebas continues his investigation of gathering information about the outside world for as long as twenty minutes before he heads back to Nazarick. Art. Sebas gets into a fight with them and easily beats up the leader of the group, scaring the rest of his followers away. Once they have determined what duties suit Tuare, Sebas and the other maids will have her be officially assigned to a specific position in Nazarick. Upon hearing Demiurge's explanation, Sebas is angered by how the Emperor thinks that he and the other NPCs would consider thinking of betraying their master. In the Manga, Sebas has a longer beard than in the anime. Sebas' first English Voice Actor, Ed Blaylock, passed away due to cancer before Season 2 was released, and was replaced with Bill Jenkins. At the same time, Sebas is asked why he has not bothered to send a report concerning the girl he saved while keeping it a secret from Ainz and Nazarick. Archived. Ông được tạo ra bởi Touch Me. As a result, Sebas' words of encouragement convincingly stir the hearts of Brain and Climb to reflect their respective value as warriors to their own cause. Sebas Tian states that they are performing their duties as intended. 1. Art. As a melee fighter, Sebas Tian is someone who excelled in unarmed hand-to-hand, close combat. By the end of this raid, he and the two have successfully captured Cocco Doll and Succulent, as well as having rescued the people who were locked up in the brothel.