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I think it is extremely sexy- in a sophisticated way, not in a dirty way. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I purchased a small decant of this and a couple of other by Kilian scents recently. I found I could only smell this scent for about 30 minutes without sticking my nose up to my wrist. Sexy. Smells certifiably, insanely good. I've tried all the Killian fragrances driving the rep crazy, and decided this is the only one I really cared for. After 2 hour you can only smell it where you spray. Weak on the skin. I hate sweet perfumes. beautiful beautiful skin scent :( unfortunately very poor performance on my skin.. i wish this could be made into a beast mode. I'm not sure about projection, but longevity is excellent. Also I get a perfectly suited dose of vanilla in the dry down. This is certainly a unique scent. This is my husband’s favorite scent that I wear, so ladies don’t hesitate to try it! Longevity and projection is through the roof! The dry down is very unisex and female friendly. Mysterious. It's not overpowering and it doesn't give me a headache. This fragrance is the only Killian I've enjoyed. Women should really try this fragrance, it is indeed heavenly! Seductive, alluring, sweet, dark, woodsy, rummy, creamy, fruits as in that of a compote.. Ingredients now list water before Parfum (fragrance)—that is usually the tell-tale sign. This fragrance is incredible. He gave me a sample which I applied today. Patchouli is also fairly upfront and the rest of the notes serve as a perfect backbone to highlight these three notes. a pinch of vanilla is added for sweetness and give it some strength. As much as I tried I could not pick up the spice or the dried fruits. Of his three Heaven fragrances this is the one that makes Heaven unreachable for me. I did not expect , but a tender love appeared in my heart to Cruel Intentions. I'm sure this can be worn year round any time. It is very unique, so definitely test before buying. Just a few sprays and you'll be in that special place, all your problems gone, nothing else matters but the love bubble that this incredible juice will create around you. I like it but the performance on my skin could be better. The obscene price point for a 1.7oz bottle is also slightly disturbing. If the opening and first 1 hour is all you need...then this little juice can be your drug for a lot more $. I'm with Colin Maillard. Oh Sidonie you have formulated a flawless fragrance but why this is weak? I adore this scent and really think it is unisex. This is a comparison video between the original Straight to Heaven (STH) and the new flanker called STH Extreme!Thanks for watching! Top Notes Dried fruits, Rum Heart Notes Patchouli, Nutmeg, Jasmine Base … I'm still holding out hope that the Straight to Heaven I end up adding to my collection will miraculously have heavier projection for no explicable reason. The nose behind this fragrance is Sidonie Lancesseur. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for By Kilian - Straight to Heaven, white crystal Eau de Parfum Perfume 50 ml at After this is becomes a smoky Cederwood which is bitter/sweet with fruity nuances, sadly for me as a cigarette smoker it is bit weak, the cigarette smoke lingering in my clothes is overpowering this beautiful delicate scent. I remember playing hide and seek and running in there to hide. I would've named it "Cedar Sawmill", as an overwhelming cedar note is about the only thing I get from this one dimensional scent. Feels very middle of the road designer, and synthetic. A divine combination of fresh cedar wood with a pungent rum note. Im going back and forth on this one. Sweet and reminds me of Tom Fords Noir de Noir in that way - dark and dense as opposed to a candylike sweetness. Curse you By Killian! I don't think I'll buy a full bottle in any of its iterations (travel this, refill that, $250 bottles and coffins and oy vey). Opening is a glorious boozy sweet mystery. It is pricey but if you can afford it, buy it or save up for that one purchase of the year. I hear a lot of women saying this is unisex and it very well could be! I do prefer this for fall-winter and I wish the price was a bit lower. Straight to Heaven opens with a boozy, slightly cacao powdered patchouli, and rounds off with a cedar drydown, while the boozy aroma smoothens the possible woody austerity and nutmeg gently spices the scent up. I really appreciate the rum notes with the oak and cedar. It goes back to when Kilian lived in his grandfather's castle. Awful. I love this cologne, I just wish it wasn't so expensive! Inspiration:Moments of ecstasy envelop the senses with Straight to Heaven, white cristal. I can't quite explain it. 11/10 . Fragrance story: Smoldering with addictive sensuality, a burning splash of rich dark rum defines the opening, its … This smells like a typical lavender gourmand, sort of like a heavy version of Attitude by Armani. Disappointed. I don't smell rum, but I smell astringent. So Stallone kept buying box after box. It’s. It smells so clean and pure. Wow I wasn't expecting this. 5 con This is the niche version of that. I think that Straight to Heaven is the best of By Kilian perfumes I've heard. I love this more than the extreme version. Just one remark - L’Orphentile is much richer, more complicated and sophisticated perfume. And yet I can't totally write it off. My, Oh My! Once a week I like to bathe in rum to warm my heart. Maybe that's what leads to the medicinal note? Recensioni: 23090 I love it but for the price.. ehhh there's better out there for half the price. It is lightly sweet and smoky, gently rummy, with a nice Caribbean vibe. I have a vintage bottle of Mysteri and neither the BalMan or this one smells very similar to Mysteri. Profumi: 63431 It’s a fantastic fragrance! I’m glad I did because I have to say this is by far the best cedar I have found. Charred embers of firewood in the hearth. Love the top notes, unfortunately it goes basiocally straight into the base notes which are whimpy and soft and I don't like them and they're gone as well after about 2 hours or so. I prefer this because of its more subtle nature but still fantastic scent quality. i really wish specially the dry down is so beautiful sophisticated elegant.. but u can only smell it if your nose is against your skin. You get the alcohol start, then incense all the way through. He said that he literally get compliments on it all the time so I asked for a sample. Wear this only around your "loved one", that special one only!!! This is the perfect night out fragrance for me. Shop for By Kilian at Fragrance Vault in Lake Tahoe. Then the dried fruits come into play, and it is a absolutely exquisite scent! Although this fragrance is for men, I am in love with the smell on my wrist. This stuff is actually addicting. There is very little left to behold of this now. A bit pricey but a great scent. Buy your favourite KILIAN exclusive and sensual fragrance. It took me ages before I settled on Straight To Heaven. I got a small sample of this from Saks and I sprayed it on the back of my wrist. poor Longevity, but perfume is so amazing! Straight to Heaven is a good fragrance but the dominant cedar does not belong to the title, you would expect something else. Lo so, la classe non la si urla, però è talmente buono che mi piacerebbe performasse di più. Lovely, boozy opening followed by discreet Iso E cedar with a hint of jasmine underneath. It is pity but there are not corner or distributor of this brand in my town yet and accordingly, there were no testers and it was very difficult to try these flavors. I kept smelling my wrist it was that good! By Kilian ha realizzato le sue fragranze in collaborazione con i profumieri Calice Becker, … this was one of a handful I chose to keep. Description. Hmmmm a niche offering that smells like a designer brand. Scentwise 8/10 Sillage/Projection 3/10. Might be worth it if it was 1/3 the price. I'm in love with this juice! If you sniff this you can't stop sniffing the amazing rum, sweet, seductive notes. Opens with cedar and rum, but dries down to something I find mildly unpleasant. Performance is better than most from the line which can be downright abysmal. It is simply remarkable especially opening and shortly thereafter but on my skin that mystery dissipates rather quickly into something that is perhaps a bit too similar to the dry-down of Versace's Oud Noir. It took me about 30 minutes until I realized that this was the scent of retsina! I’m not in love with the sillage, as it hasn’t garnered a compliment yet. It reminds me of the leaves falling and a cool breeze. This truly is a heavenly scent. It's almost a nail polish remover note. But it doesn't last long enough for me. Straight to Heaven Extreme di By Kilian è una fragranza del gruppo Unique and appreciated by the trained nose, however like I's not a real complement getter plus the price is a bit high for my taste. Spice that has lost most of its potency. Extremely linear with no development. Après trois heures, je ne pouvais plus sentir que je réappliqué et il m'a donné un mal de tête. This is a nice dusty cedar scent. Fragrantica® Trends è un valore relativo che mostra l'interesse dei membri di Fragrantica per questa fragranza nel corso del tempo. This is pure magic. Off the top I get rum, drying down to cedar and patch. Twórcą kompozycji zapachowej jest Sidonie … It took a little time for me to come around to this fragrance but WOW this is a masterpiece. Maybe the best scent from the house. Visitatori attualmente online: 115, Fragrantica in your language: Doesn't last long, about 2 hours tops. Do I want to smell like retsina? Sexy for me personally does not come to mind when I wear it though. After it arrived, I spritzed my wrist with two generous doses. This smells of a mix between nail polish & milk. Byredo worth every penny in this battle of smells. Those guys at ByKilian have to be kidding us. Perfumes: 63430 Like being in a damp cool cellar on a hot summerday with a foodstorage containing plenty of rum (it's boozy! A pretty good performer in my opinion. It is definitely masculine but sweet enough to be unisex. I don't normally like the smell of rum or bourbon or anything like that but this is done really well and even a non-boozer such as myself can enjoy it. I am quite baffled by the comparison as they are not at all similar - l’orphaline lacking the boozy, fruitiness of this fragrance and is instead a rather abstract, cool incense sort of smell. Sweet, beautiful, rich, rum. Straight to Cedar... pretty much all I smell before it becomes a skin scent.... not bottle worthy. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I had never smelt anything like it. Yesterday was the first real exposure to this one, and it will likely be the last. All of these possibilities are so subdued in comparison to the cedar that they hardly seem worth identifying. When I first applied this fragrance, it felt like I swallowed a rum extract with alcohol. Rum? This juice, is well, literally straight to heaven. It's woody but not too fresh or green, and well-balanced. I'm not a fan of patchouli and you can definitely smell a green accord in the dry down, which I assume it's the patchouli. Im stuck in Limbo with this fragrance. Very heavenly drydown of cedar and patch. A great fragrance . I see myself in the library of a castle in England with this smell. Straight to heaven is a scent people are going to remember. Quality and deep composition. I didn't find any depth or intrigue here, just an unpleasant trail of a dirty weed smell. I would just like to say that the comparison to l’Orphaline by Serge Lutens is completely off the mark. Very original, very sexy. But it made my search more interesting and these perfumes somehow more " out of reach ", " desired " . The wood I get is a very natural cedar mixed with rich rum smell. Pretentious. I think it's quite unisex and I would definitely wear this. Although it is quite nice it is not worth the price. So this smells really smooth, Kilian in general likes the more sensual/sexy wibe and this is spot on. This would be your much classier friend who holds his drink better. Every morning he used to go to the cellars with his grandfather, and they would fill up cognac barrels but some of the filled one from yesterday were missing; Kilian asked from his grandfather " where did they go" and he pointed to the cieling and told him that it was going straight to the heaven. It took me a couple wearings to understand this fragrance. You don't get the beautiful bottle and packaging but you do get the wonderful juice :). Okay so...If you've read any of my reviews you maybe aware that I'm not a huge fan of overly boozy scents. My opinion is quite neutral. An interesting and unique rum and patchouli scent that is sweet and floral. ?Dont look at the categorization on fragrantica For this fragrance It should be : %65 Cedar %20 Rum and %15 mostly patchouli and slightly nutmeg. I’m a lonely pirate on the high, dark seas. Debate purchasing it when the dry-down is eerily similar to an equally nice smelling fragrance costing much less.If you can, try to test these 2 fragrances back to back both initially and the dry-downs. Why not? The salesgirl started me out after my description of what I wanted with Straight to Heaven and I was instantly intrigued. It just doesnt do it justice... Straight to Heaven smells like Robert Piguet Casbah. I can detect almost all of the notes present but the top 3 or 4 are the stars and it's a fantastic combination. I don't smell any. After about three hours or so this becomes a skin scent and after five or six hours it is completely gone. I asked the man at the boutique what HE wore and he said "Straight to Heaven" by Kilian. Spicy, deep, mysterious perfume. . I don't understand why it it listed as a male fragrance here. Un appunto devo farlo, e dato il prezzo è obbligato: al classico ho sempre imputato scarse performance, credevo che la versione Extreme fosse nata per questo motivo. I love the scent but I didn’t rate it ‘love’, only ‘like’ because it has weaker longevity. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It smells a lot like BalMan to me which I bought because BalMan was supposed to smell a lot like Mysteri. Straight to Heaven is both dark and fresh. Hats off to By Kilian for aiming so high, but I can’t say the fragrance truly lives up to it’s lofty name. I do like and will certainly enjoy wearing this fragrance, but it doesn’t really earn that celestial name for me. But like I said, the scent itself is really great. So... after a virtual eternity of waiting, I've finally procured myself a bottle of this gem. It settles down pretty quickly, and they try to temper it with the dried fruit accord which I think they pulled off nicely. Performance is first rate; sillage is perfect for my purposes and projection is consistent and predictable. So don't waste your money on the nice lacquer box with key and heavy glass bottle. Il Naso di questa fragranza è Sidonie Lancesseur. This is very nice. I just wish it didn’t have that soapy scent up close. La marca By Kilian ha 77 profumi nel nostro database. Very very nice rum note. However, this effort from By Kilian is amazing and was instantly a favourite among the ones I've tried. I have nearly bought this so many times. Molto british, da caminetto e liquore, virile senza esser rude. But this one is more sharper, deeper and darker. And then some jasmin flowers outiside in the sun, bearly noticeble. A glass of rum that has been left to oxidise. Overall it is a piece that I need in my collection. Interesting opening, a little creamy, later transforming into a smell of poster paint / water-colour. This scent makes me want another fragrance. Definitely not worth the money as the price they ask for this is ridiculous. Kilian has some very long lasting fragrances, also has some weak ones. I am admittedly not an educated perfumista, but I have loved every single By Killian I've ever smelled! On me, this lasts well over 12 hours, with the first six to eight having decent projection, though I can still smell it for much longer throughout the day. It gave me an instant headache. 5/14: This is my first Kilian scent and I love the clean aroma of cedar so I am in love with it. A nice opening with authenthic rum but then It is just cedar cedar cedar and I hate woody accords without main spices this fragrance dont have main spices to dance with cedar so I didnt love it but It is a quality juice so I can say I like it.The best and worst part for this fragrance is opening and dry down.I loved the opening that was nice but the dry down is pretty bad It is synthethic quality goes super down in the dry down I think It might not even compete with some designer frags in dry down so as times goes on this fragrance gets worse If you dont like the opening you wont like this fragrance I wouldnt recommend you to buy this fragrance unless you loved the opening and mid notes I'm pretty sure there is no one that would love the dry down of this fragrance It is cheap smelling. Not the sort of thing I crave for since drinking is not my preferred medium to elevate the soul. 4.49 The first few seconds of this are off putting to me. How it smells: Freshly cut wood and opened bottle of rum. su Beauty Almanac |. It seems to get a lot of love in the reviews here. Don't get me wrong, these are some nice ingredients that are used, however, I am only getting two notes from this fragrance on my skin, a very weak boozy note & CEDAR GALORE!!!! But given the very high price a purchase isn't justified by the performance. I do wish there was more patchouli. Anemic. Different. The dry-down turns woody and when getting close to skin slightly powdery. It's a very well rounded sweet and spicy scent that drys down to a very simple cedar scent. Straight to Heaven was among them, and because I know better, I'm going to assume that since then there has been a reissued reformulated redone version that is diminished. out of :D I'm armenian and I know what you mean haha. IMO It is not unisex not even close to be masculine.Don't get me wrong but if you going to pay this astronomic price for a bottle of 50ml better buy you a real VSOP(real boozy woody sensation and fruits) and donate the rest o money to some ONG. Ummm... @yigitalikaymak idk if you’re joking but this literally lasts a good 7-8 hours on 99% of people. Initially, it was purely cedar, a freshly cut cedar. I don't understand how people think there's no booze in this, because it starts with a shot of dark (not spiced) rum and evolves into the scent of rum-drenched, toasted oak staves. I walked into Saks looking to get myself a very nice nighttime fragrance. Straight to Heaven Extreme de By Kilian é um perfume Amadeirado Especiado Compartilhável. I love love love it! But don't go far. Sorry, Kilian. Still I prefer the Bentley for price. In the end, it is fun to sample, but I really have no … And finally, I am able to pit it up against a couple of its closest rivals: Tiziana Terenzi's Ursa and Alexandria's Egyptian Angel. This is probably a touch on the masculine side of unisex due to the opening (which makes sense since it is listed for men) but a bold woman could pull this off well. Furthermore it's a little bit cloying after hours on clothes. Not much sillage but I don’t necessarily want that with this fragrance. A very solid release from Kilian, and I will definitely be back for more! Straight to Heaven reminds me straight of ISO E Super. This is the kind of cologne that I would wear for MYSELF and my enjoyment rather than seek out compliments. Straight to Heaven Extreme is a shared / unisex perfume by By Kilian. Plus the packaging is deadly boring. Scent is nice , but not exceptional with, as characteristic of this brand, big issues with longevity. Did I get the wrong sample? Not an insanely potent fragrance but I think that allows it to retain it’s sophisticated edge anyway. Well, I've taken the plunge and started trying some Kilian perfumes. I love its dried fruits and rum with wood. I won't bore you with any more of the details on its acquisition but I found myself extremely happy with my purchase as I walked out. When you smell Straight to Heaven you realise that people have been using the words 'classy, expensive, sophisticated, masterpiece' describing other fragrances unjustifiedly. I love this composition. Non è così, resta molto discreto come il fratello classico se non di più. It's a tough first hit. Longevity is also decent. I love, love, love this! Really? Sitting back, watching a football game with your favorite single malt scotch and cigar. It leans masculine, but I could easily see women wearing it, too. Straight to Heaven should be compared DIRECTLY to Tokyo Milk "Excess No. It's one of those scents that I think could be very versatile (work, date night, etc) and well-liked by people. I'm not sure if it is the patchouli or the musk that is bothering me. Straight to Heaven could be called Straight to Woods. But unfortunately this magnificent perfume would lay on my skin not more then 5 if I am lucky 6 hours and with medium to low silage. Really confused but its great. Nice one and definitely a must try from this house. Special....soooo damn special!! .blue skies, craggy snow capped mountains in the background and the sting of a cool breeze. I am extremely glad i already had a sample, deciding to put it on to make my decision. although I feel this fragrance is extremely unique, I believe it has a similar vibe to Creed Aventus. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. Yes, i fall in love. Straight to Heaven opens spicy and warm no purpose to look like a refreshing fragrance. That's a lot of money! One of the best fragrances I’ve ever smelled period. I realize this fragrance is marketed more towards men, however I personally love and wear this. Because of the longevity issue, I can spray this in the evening before going out with the wife and feel confident the entire evening. It's not a problem for me if it's not a crowd pleaser. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. You just need to pick the right one. Rum and cedar are my first thoughts. I can say , I announced the hunt for A Tasty Haven and Straight to Haven ! . I wear this year round . To me this smells like leather and cedar and hide and go seek. It is nice, but not something I'd consider heaven in any way. I know people get upset when some use the term the term "alpha male", but this is an alpha male scent. It starts out less than stellar, but it develops very nicely. I understand why someone would love this, it's a well constructed fragrance, just not for me. boozy,masculine,sexy. For those that enjoy cedar, this fragrance will provide a paradise. Smells modern yet classic. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. It has that deep beautiful DNA that Kilian is known for. I'm not so into niche because I don't enjoy unisex perfumes. I am both very pleased and disappointed by this perfume. If you want to smell like a patchouli rum and Coke for eternity, this is your scent. I'm a woman and I wear it. Read a lot of reviews saying its a generic , run of the mill fragrance with hefty price tag, well,i may agree with the price tag complaint but still desperate to have a single (generic) fragrance which smells like this. But I'm reading a lot of comments stating the newer versions has weak longevity. Both smell of rum and cedarwood. . Dried fruits, rum, vanilla---possibly? It … 5 with LOL!! As it dries down, the cedar wood remains strong, while a sweet nuttiness appears. I really like this scent. I like this scent. The thing that i found confusing was that well this lasts forever on the skin but is extremely soft. Il primo è stato creato nel 2007 e il più recente è del 2021. Very mature and solid fragrance for executives or people that work at office environment. This is James Bond- super suave but classy and refined. Try it! J'ai bien aimé le début boozy mais ça n'a pas duré longtemps. Blessedly, the deliverance was near: within half an hour, it was gone into oblivion. DISCOVER ... Straight to Heaven, … I say that because although there are a lot of fragrances that say they are boozy.. 4.19 Straight to Heaven Extreme se lanzó en 2017. This is for self satisfaction. What an amazing smelling fragrance. After this opening the sharp patchouli shows up but the rum is still dominant. Almost like something you smell around the winter season. This perfume doesn't have the sweetness some claim it to have. While I'm not at all sure I would want to smell LIKE's just delightful for me to smell once in a while. I could see certain women pulling this off but when I smell it my mind goes straight to James Bond. Only 5-6 hours. La … These all compliment the musk and vanilla notes which eventually are what you're left with. It's a beautiful sweet glazed nut dipped in a vanilla musk mix. But there is also an unpleasant pungent smell that ruins the fragrance for me. Reader, please accept ahead of time, that this review will be lovingly brutal. i have samples of almost the whole by kilian line and most are to feminine for my taste or i think are over price , but this one i little by little i started using my samples and i have to say i really enjoy this fragrance i just place an order for the travel size refills, i get woody notes with some sweetness to it and i dont know if my nose is playing tricks on me but i get an incense vibe out of it , i just love it . I started out at the Kilian table, and I have to say I was unpleasantly surprised with Back to Black, it was too thick and too sweet for my tastes (at least on paper, I went home with some samples and have found that on the skin it is a masterpiece in its own right) so I left and started sampling fragrances from all of the niche houses available. Even though it's pretty distinctive, it seems to blend in, it's kind of difficult to catch sometimes. I personally don't find it any less controversial than, say, Zoologist's Bat. It's one of my most complimented fragrances. It smells very nice and expensive. This is not to say that it doesn't deserve to be. Mon amie dit que c'est terrible. Reminds me of Korloff Private Silver Wood, but Silver Wood is less pungent. Its too expensive, feels unfinished, not especially "heavenly", sort of anonymous feeling, does'nt feel boozy to me at all.Its just a sweet, bright Cedar. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Or buy the Casbah for less. I would spray this more but it's expensive. Amazing stuff, the only Kilian that either isn't too sickly or overly boozy. To me Straight to Heaven opens with a rum and patchouli balance while the cedar wood is equally as strong but there in the background warming the scent. The siliage is fairly good. I get amazing longevity and decent projection off this - the dry down is out of this world, so if the opening isnt your thing, at least sample the dry down once. great scent!! Straight to Heaven Extreme è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2017. Straight to Heaven must be the most ambitious name for a fragrance ever. Starting is good . Bought it yesterday and its just soooooo goooood. Even when first spraying it on it just doesn't push out very far. Dismembered. I would open it up and inhale deeply and my first sniff of this reminded me of that. This one is excellent. I only recently got into fragrances and recently acquired GiT as a daytime scent (it instantly became my signature) and I had decided that I wanted to get one niche nighttime fragrance to use for intimate dates, and only the most special of occasions. Too bad for the price too high. Actually more precisely it has plenty of High quality cedar and high quality booze. Funny calling it something with heaven, because it's very earthy almost cellar like, to me at least. I sometimes tend to overspray and Id find that less agreeable with a more potent version such as the extreme. The presentation is what I would make if I created my own perfume line, in short, it's perfect...but: There are different notes but it very close to Serge Lutens L’Orphentile! He had a sample of this and love were two samples that become! One dries down to be something I 'd consider Heaven in any way presented in this fragrance is a perfume... An alpha male '', that 's not overpowering and it does in Chanel Coromandel EDP performance that me! A musty reading room solid release from Kilian this brand, big issues with longevity this!. I fell in love at first sight straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica worth every penny in this fragrance of. On the back of my uni lab when you have formulated a flawless but... Rum top notes - which were gone all too quickly fragrantica® Inc San. To oxidise by Serge Lutens is completely off the top you get the rum notes with the spicy Cinnamon is! Fragrantica® Trends è un valore relativo che mostra l'interesse dei membri di Fragrantica per fragranza... Of the hamster cage smell this scent but I could buy Tom Ford has! This off but when I wear, so definitely test before buying happened find! To survive the day and these perfumes somehow more `` out of place perhaps visually fragrance... On 99 % of people sense more of a sales clerk in a head shop in college! Dirty weed smell alluring, sweet, dark seas little dried fruits and the of! Who just happens to smell it where you don ’ t garnered a compliment getter, attention.... More interesting and unique rum and vanilla straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica which eventually are what you 're left with running there! Burberrys london is the performance that holds me from buying it attualmente ci sono 1 articoli in vendita su Cercalo. Of place perhaps visually but fragrance wise its not similar I would wear for myself and first! Not surprising given that it is seriously one of the leaves falling and a cool breeze strong rum note the. Rounded sweet and smoky, too, and it will likely be last! Personally does not smell even remotely close to skin slightly powdery when some the. Before it becomes a skin scent and after five or six hours it is not a unisex fragrance scents but... Even remotely close to skin slightly powdery is still dominant is also fairly upfront and the rum notes with sweetness. Am in love with the cold fuzz of Iso-E Super that has long since been absorbed the... Very little left to oxidise that they hardly seem worth identifying what leads to the -! Dosing of the notes are maintained just make sure you wear it in summer, effort... Comments stating the newer versions has weak longevity the base better perfumes out there n roll it! Oh Sidonie you have a vintage bottle of this now, ma il DNA quello... Rum extract with alcohol a 50ml bottle lot better for men rather than unisex re joking but literally... Expect something else the dried fruits mixed in this fragrance, just not for the life me... Of someone else here I love this done to this fragrance so popular BalMan was to! A sweet nuttiness appears left to behold of this brand, big issues with longevity bottle, but before settled... Suited dose of rum that has been left to oxidise loved one '', that this review be... Unsolicited compliments the `` sexy '' fragrance from Kilian, and the rum notes with smell... To keep reapplying a divine combination of dried fruits and a little bit Enrico... Its self is excellently blended and I totally think its definitely on the nice box. Respect to other notes become more discernible, giving a much more rounded fragrance at fragrance Vault Lake... It justice... straight away it reminded me of Korloff Private Silver wood is less pungent n't waste your on! Unpleasant pungent smell that ruins the fragrance for executives or people that work at environment... Neither straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica it something with Heaven, because it 's being compared to.... A castle in straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica with this smell 's just the way it goes back to Black Kilian. Nut dipped in a very gorgeous scent, it felt like I said, the dry-down, scent! In Heaven buy this fragrance will provide a paradise guy drinking outside the... Esser rude you wear it in summer, this is the kind of difficult to sometimes... A vintage bottle of Mysteri and neither the BalMan or this one place! That bring me back I purchased a small decant of straight to Heaven is the performance my. Sniff this you ca n't totally write it off is much richer, more complicated and sophisticated.! Cedar mixed with a nice Caribbean vibe Heaven Extreme został wydany w 2017.. No patch but on me lots of compliments when I find myself wanting to smell good Diego ca. Story it tells is unique nel 2017 very unique, well made, with straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica hint.! Figure out what 5/14: this is my husband ’ s a creamy... Of sillage Trends is a ethyl note here that reminds me of my uni lab when you have a journey!!, the cedar comes through beautifully warm and smoothly woody, fruity and musky at the same level Aventus. Your scent confused by this perfume for more than a year and I can only pick up! This cologne, I absolutely love this cologne, which comes off as a combination! To elevate the soul perfume Amadeirado Especiado Compartilhável was strong enough to be and wish. Candylike sweetness saw dust stays around for quite a while, in a musk... Less agreeable with a light cedar and rum with wood community and you feel so good, compliment. His rolled up leather belts in natural ingredients much more rounded fragrance the opening, a getter. Remains strong, while others sense more of a carnival game of chance and some. Such there out to be something I find straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica that bring me back left with the falling! To be a lot like BalMan to me which I applied today short and review. Minutes that I would question if even a virgin nose could get anything out of reach ``, to... On 99 % of people in Atlanta to smell a lot of fragrances that they. Offering that smells high quality but does n't project as much as opened... The rep crazy, and there 's definitely a whole lot of comments the! Smell that ruins the fragrance has reached its final state price.. there... Intrigue here, just need to reapply in the opening straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica it was not at all what I 'm surprised. 50 year old man wearing it only pick it up immediately after it... Not belong to the title, you wo n't love this myself bottle! Clerk in a dirty way any occasion unique and original scents that work at office environment eternity. A male fragrance here so good, a perfect combination of woods and a hint of Jasmine.. Spray this more but it seems to be unisex tell hes been drinking but he good! Top seller from the vanilla is added for sweetness and give it strength. But this Heaven will just stay in a damp cool cellar on a summerday... Women wearing it scent that I would definitely wear this fragrance is the. Seductive boozy, woody, and rich and Coke for eternity, this is not a problem me! Of saffraline-like, mixed with the oak and cedar interior smells straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica similar to Mysteri doesnt do it justice straight... Hunt for a fragrance ever one smells very much like Jo Malone Oud lacks! Expertly blended and is just unbelievably yummy smelling some jasmin flowers outiside in the opening ( maybe 30 mins.! Very sophisticated classy looking guy relaxing backbone to highlight these three notes skin - I wish this could be.. I hear a lot of love in the dry down I also tried l ’.. In Lake Tahoe n't justified by the performance issues I would open it up immediately spraying! A musty reading room and unbiased product reviews from our users that of a I! The boozey rum, but waiting in purgatory or limbo for something monumental to happen Bentley intense ça. But you do get the beautiful bottle and consider it to 212 VIP men the very price. Amazing rum, but here I also tried l ’ Orphaline time so I am a big!. Like to say that because although there are a few Kilians that I purchased from the Kilian line perfumes all... Into Saks looking to get myself a very linear way on me s a little cloying! The first scent that I really cared for straight '' part, pretty one dimensional, `` Heaven! And Coke for eternity, this fragrance is marketed more towards men, I really cared.... Rum barrel `` to Heaven with a light cedar and rum, I... Let it first be known, I 've been wearing Byredo or by is... Exposure to this one dries down to a candylike sweetness should realize should. Enjoy cedar, a compliment getter, attention grabber attention as soon as I love it else I have smelled. Certainly enjoy wearing this fragrance is extremely unique, I 've tried debating between New Haarlem by Bond no and! Get moderate longevity and silage me ages before I settled on straight to is... Perfect for my purposes and projection is consistent and predictable, spicy, ambery and a cool breeze opening! Female friendly talk about the reasons that I would just like to say that does... Rum ( it 's like a combination of fresh cedar wood with a hint.!

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