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Alecdora Sandler (アレクドラ・サンドラー, Arekudora Sandorā) is a nobleman and member of the Golden Dawn who uses Sand Magic. This lack of responsibility led to his carefree and cowardly personality, and a fear of responsibility. Contact Info: She helps the Black Bulls during their fight against the elf Reve by deducing the nature of the magic used by the elf's host Dorothy Unsworth and using it to their advantage. Japanese. Though he and Asta manage to defeat Dante, he is captured and taken by Zenon, with his katana left in Asta's possession. [20] In addition, Julius does not see people based on their social standings, as he still treats Asta and Yuno in the same way he treats the other Knights regardless of their rankings.[21]. At that moment, a bright light manifests and the sephirot disappears along with the mages he had restrained. William then transforms into Patolli, who thanks William and introduces himself as Licht. The tree requires World Tree Magic and Dark Magic to grow, with the Dark Triad targeting William and Yami for that purpose. Official English He was left under the care of a church during his infancy, acquiring a four-leaf clover grimoire and became a member of the Golden Dawn. How Mimosa fell in love for Asta? [15][16][17] Julius also goes so far as to disguising himself, so he can conduct his search without being recognized by the citizens. [25], Julius is impressed by a young William Vangeance's World Tree Magic and invites him to join the Magic Knights. Baro (バロ) is a dark-haired mage who possesses Mud Magic and spectacles to measure a person's mana. Through the use of Nacht's shadows, he can manifest as a familiar, which is a small, impish form in the living world, or a larger, more imposing form wearing a cat mask. An Elf Apostle given the title of Despair (絶望, Zetsubō), Vetto is one of Licht's oldest friends and shared his dream of peace until his sister and their village were massacred by the ancestors of the Clover Kingdom's current residents, leading to a reincarnated Vetto becoming a sadistic psychopath intent to make humans suffer as his people had. Yuno could only admire how Asta saved him, despite not having magic, and it made him feel ashamed. This motivated him to fight stronger opponents to test his strength, joining the Magic Knights while gaining infamy from his conduct of nearly killing an opponent in the entrance exams. Sylph (nicknamed "Bell") often tries to play around with Yuno, but due to his serious demeanor, he is often found complaining. Japanese. Langris ends up being possessed by the spirit of Patry's cousin Latry (ラトリ, Ratori) after Patry completes the ritual to resurrect the elves. As Julius Novachrono now looks like a young boy. To ensure Liebe is not pursued by Lucifero, Licita sealed him within the five-leaf grimoire. (Source: Black Clover Wiki) Voice Actors. She looks after Marie Adlai, Gauche Adlai's younger sister, and prevents him from seeing Marie more than once a month due to his obsessive behaviour. Marx tries to get Julius to focus on his duties as the Wizard King, but becomes frustrated whenever he slacks off to observe more magic. Following the elf incident, after dispatching anti-monarchist nobles who attempted to kill Augustus in the confusion, Damnatio oversees Asta's trial for using forbidden magic before the Black Bulls intervene with Julius passing a decree for a Black Bull mission outside the Clover Kingdom to hinder Damantio's inquisition. Mereoleona Vermillion (メレオレオナ・ヴァーミリオン, Mereoreona Vāmirion) is a royal of House Vermillion and Fuegoleon and Leopold's elder sister, taking over for the former following his injuries. Klaus ends up later possessed by an elf spirit following Patry's ritual. Manga During his attempt to drain mana from the children of Nean Village, which included the siblings of Rebecca Scarlet and Gauche Adlai's sister, he requested Sally's help after being defeated and tied up. Type: TV. Since then, Henry expressed a sense of obligation to the Black Bulls. The country has developed a magic technique called Mana Method (マナメソッド魔言術式, Mana Mesoddo). [29] Julius then receives a report from one of his subordinates that the Diamond Kingdom had sent Lotus Whomalt and his group to explore the dungeon. He is mostly stoic in nature, having completely devoted himself to William since being saved during a mission and believing that only he can fulfill his captain's dream of becoming Wizard King. But he ends up being overpowered by Mereoleona when his ruse is quickly exposed, becoming a complete Elf once Patolli began the ritual as he later retrieves his reconstituted Third Eye comrades to meet up with Patry and the other Apostles to complete the spell. After Licht and Tetia conceived a half-elf child, they married with the elves present. Synopsis. Unfortunately, their attempt is unfruitful as Julius asks his aide to keep investigating while they wait for Fuegoleon to open his eyes. She also possesses numerous magic tools that allow her to augment her magic or another's with potential consequences, and she researched creating artificial bodies, which Rhya used to give Vetto and Fana replacement vessels. She is initially hostile to Yami until she was forced to allow him to deal with the elf spirit possessing Charlotte and has since been tolerant of him. However, Langris secretly envies his brother's good-natured personality, noticing people prefer Finral's company to his. Black Clover Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Zara was secretly killed by a teammate during a mission because of this. Julius comments that he cannot trust those who go easy on their comrades but also those who try to kill their comrades. When Henry's parents eventually left and never returned, Henry assumed that he would die soon until he was later found by Yami, and offered him ownership of upon his death. One of those medals, a gold medal with a green cross, is positioned on the left side of his chest while the other, a shield with gold and red colors, is positioned on his right side. Luck is released from the spell after Rufel is defeated by Magna and Vanessa with Asta exorcizing the elf spirit while giving Rufel closure. Through his contracts, Nacht is able to achieve Devil Union, allowing him to apply the characteristics of his devils to his Shadow Magic. Eyes When the Elves begin their assault on the Capital, Gueldre is forced to ally himself with Revchi while attempting to escape in the chaos with the two ending up in the Shadow Palace. As such, not many people visit the area, and the people there are very excited to see people from above water. Gordon initially wanted nothing to do with his family since their legacy caused his childhood isolation, only to learn later that his father Nathan became a healer who uses their family's knowledge to locate and treat those who are cursed, which Gordon was unaware of due to his father being a poor communicator too. This is a result of Charlotte suffering a childhood curse that was inflicted on her by her family's enemies, a forbidden spell that activated upon the age of 18 to cause Charlotte's mana to go berserk to kill her and anyone around her. He is able to cast Fire Magic and operate a flying broomstick. When she meets Asta she admits that she is also wary of the Diamond Kingdom, becoming an official deserter when she helps the Black Bulls defeat her fellow assassins, and later lives with Fanzell and Dominante to atone for her past crimes by helping others. He is excited when he asks Yuno to activate it, but quickly shows his disappointment when the boy reveals his inability to control it. Julius then announces that the Black Bull squad placed second, much to the shock of everyone. William is later abducted by Zenon Zogratis for the Dark Triad's aim of creating a Tree of Qliphoth. Alecdora is a tall man with a lean built with spiky green hair that is slightly brushed back and two strands that hang in the front. The other branch is known for their orange hair, conflicting personalities, and skill in nature-based magic. He frequently fought against the village elder, sharpening his skills, before becoming his disciple, who influenced his choice to join the Magic Knights. Because he had no magic, he was able to enter the human world. When Patry conducted the ritual to revive the Elf race, Rill ends up becoming the vessel of the Elf Lira (リラ, Rira) of the Apostles of the Sephirah. Born a commoner within Yvon Village and raised by a troubled woman before she died of stress, Luck was instilled with the notion that winning a fight is the same as being loved. Her magic also allows her to transform magic into other attributes, such as converting Sally's Gel Magic into crystals or vines. This have him a complex that worsened after his forced reconstructive surgery gave him the ability to absorb and emit mana, intending to use everyone to rise up the ranks and eliminate potential threats like Mars. One of the Dark Triad's objectives is the creation of a Tree of Qliphoth (クリフォトの樹, Kurifoto No Ki), a magic channel connecting to the underworld with the living world that will allow devils to enter the living world. Being bedridden due to an strange illness from birth, being born into a noble family, Henry prolongs his life with a magic absorbing constitution by passively siphoning mana from others. In the VIZ popularity polls, Julius ranked #7 in the second and #4 in the fourth. [66] Julius questions how Patolli removed William's scar, to which Patolli replies that human curses do not affect him. Revealing himself during the Eye of the Midnight Sun's attack on the base, he proves key during the battle by configuring the base into a bull-shaped form, using the mana he accumulated from the Black Bulls to pilot the base and use powerful attacks. Yami uses Dark Magic, using it to enchant his katana since his type of magic is regarded as Light Magic's polar opposite due to its slowness. Fana accompanies Patry to the Shadow Palace where she holds off Noelle and Jack the Ripper. He then begins to take an interest in Asta after seeing his Anti Magic. Besides the Devil within Asta's five-leaf grimoire, other devils appear in the series. He is mocked by Liebe before disintegrating. She helped him perfect his magic tools with her Sealing Magic. He has a large scar running from his left cheek down his neck. He eventually starts speaking up more with his squamates, who accept him wholeheartedly. However, it resulted in her nearly being killed until Yami risked himself to save her, resulting in her feelings for Yami breaking the curse. The Agrippa Family entered into a pact with Megicula before the start of the series. He dismisses the knights and has Marx continue questioning Gueldre. Liebe is the devil who resides within Licht's former grimoire, which is currently Asta's grimoire. Julius was born in the Noble Realm of the Clover Kingdom. When he is informed of an emerging problem, Julius assures him that he found the perfect candidate to solve it. He was a cheerful man who enjoys eating and sharing food with others. [33], After he promotes several Knights at the ceremony, Julius invites all of the participants to a banquet that he had prepared, before he disappears a moment later. Sister Theresa Rapual (テレジア・ラプアール, Terejia Rapuāru) is an elderly nun and former Magic Knight of the Crimson Lions who wears a nun's habit and has a long jagged scar over her left eye extending from her forehead to the middle of her cheek. Her throat is later healed by the Witch Queen's Blood Magic when she was invited to the Star Awards Festival. At the Shadow Palace, the boundary between the living world and the underworld, they can make the elves' reincarnation permanent. Magic Emperor (former)Magic Knight (former) Chapter 1 Fanzell (ファンゼル・クルーガ, Fanzeru Kurūgā) is a 28–year old Wind Magic user, swordsman and a former commander of the Diamond Kingdom's army. He uses Water Magic. He and Luck are best friends and they have a competitive rivalry. Prior to the events of the series, Lotus had encounters with Julius Novachrono and Yami Sukehiro with the latter having scarred his chest. Luck Voltia (ラック・ボルティア, Rakku Borutia) is a member of the Black Bulls, a borderline psychopath who uses Lightning Magic and is always smiling regardless of circumstances, giving him the nickname "Luck the Cheery Berserker." During the attack on Kiten he succeeds in breaking through the magical shield surrounding the city with powerful lightning arrows. [28], Later on, Julius assigns Asta on a mission to explore a newly emerged dungeon by sending a formal letter to Yami. He is impaled by Yuno's wind trident which throws him into a building. He additionally voiced Diavolo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven. While he survives due to William's spell, he finds half the Golden Dawn dead, and is devastated at his failure to protect his friends. Morris (モリス, Morisu) is a Magic Scholar who controls the king of the Diamond Kingdom, and who has orchestrated numerous experiments on children to strengthen the power of the magic knights of the kingdom, discarding those who have failed to meet his expectations. Nozel Silva (ノゼル・シルヴァ, Nozeru Shiruva) is a royal of House Silva and captain of the Silver Eagles, a childhood rival of Fuegoleon Vermillion, possessing the ability to use Mercury Magic, free moving, liquid metal. Patolli then appears behind Julius and slashes him across the chest. Kirsch Vermillion (キルシュ・ヴァーミリオン, Kirushu Vāmirion) is a nobleman from House Vermillion who uses Cherry Blossom magic, Kirsch is Mimosa's older brother and vice-captain of the Coral Peacocks with the rank of 1st Class Senior Magic Knight. Lumiere is then forced to kill his friend to stop his rampage after extracting the elf's mana. One branch of the family's siblings is known for their red hair, desire for strength, and skill in Fire Magic. After seeing Asta's battle prowess, he considers himself his rival and friend, which is later reciprocated by Asta. After she recovers she resumes her duties caring for her orphans. However, Asta nullifies the attack, and Julius declares that Team B will fight Team G.[57], To prepare for the impromptu fight, Julius freezes Asta and Langris in time and has Cob gather their teammates. Rill Boismortier (リル・ボワモルティエ, Riru Bowamorutie) is the Captain of the Aqua Deers, able to bring what he paints to life and recreate any magic attribute via his Picture Magic. While initially presented as the Midnight Sun's strongest members, they are revealed to be humans possessed by three members of the Apostles of Sephira. Gender Kahono later served as an opposition to the Black Bulls before helping them fend off Vetto which ended with her throat crushed by him, rendering her unable to use her magic's full potential. Lumiere arrives in time as Licht begs Lumiere to kill him, after cursing his body so Zagred cannot use it. His "cool" demeanor is only broken when he is enjoying himself, usually when fighting someone strong or watching Asta prove his strength. Noelle Silva (ノエル・シルヴァ, Noeru Shiruva) is a silver-haired member of the Black Bulls and the fourth-born child of the Clover Kingdom's royal family, House Silva. Rades was a commoner who joined the Purple Orcas before he was exiled by the Clover Kingdom out of fear of his magic. Julius was previously the Magic Knight Captain of the Aqua Deer Squad when they were previously the Grey Deer Squad; Yami and Vangeance both being members whom Julius personally recruited into the Magic Knights. Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川 智之, Morikawa Toshiyuki) is a Japanese voice actor. Gueldre Poizot (ゲルドル・ポイゾット, Gerudoru Poizotto) is the former Captain of the Purple Orcas at the start of the series. He is the source behind Asta's Anti-Magic. That ability resulted in him being discharged from the Magic Knights after being set up by Gueldre on a failed mission that scarred his face with burns. He is targeted by the Dark Triad for his Dark Magic, needed to create a Tree of Qliphoth. Originally based in the Clover Kingdom's Forsaken Region five centuries ago, the Elves were victims of a plot conducted by the demon Zagred who manipulated the ancient Clover Kingdom's envious royals into slaughtering them for their mana so he could possess their leader Licht. The leader of the Elves who possesses Sword Magic, Licht (リヒト, Rihito) is the previous owner of the Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire currently possessed by Asta. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Emperor Magus. In battle she uses a magic wand decorated with a purple rose she crafted herself. Known for voicing Yoshikage Kira, Sephiroth, and Minato Namikaze. During his time as a member and later a captain of the Grey Deer squad, Julius wears its squad robe over a longer robe. Following her role in the assault on the Black Bulls' base to acquire the magic stone there, Sally ends up being sacrificed by Patry for her mana. Though he feels inferior to his siblings’ strength, he continues to work hard to create a strength different from theirs. Once Zagred is defeated and the elf souls allowed to rest in peace, Lumiere joins them in the afterlife as the magic that kept him alive wears off, and is content that his ideals live on in the new generation. Julius had been chosen by a very unique grimoire and he used time magic. Valtos later joins the assault on the Black Bulls' base to acquire the magic stone before retrieving Patry, only to be sacrificed, to his shock, for his mana. Gakuto Kajiwara is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Asta, Shinra Kusakabe, and Swin Abel. Occupation William removes his mask and thanks to the Magic Emperor for everything he has done. Devil Union with Slotos grants Nacht the characteristic "Toughness", giving him immense physical strength and endurance. He struggles to match Luck's strength, especially when Luck is accepted in the Royal Knights and he is not.The relationship between Magna and Luck proves key in freeing Luck from Rufel's possession, and they fight alongside the Black Bulls against the reincarnated elves. Kyosuke Munakata Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc. Born as an illegitimate child to an unknown noble, Vangeance suffered a horrific abusive childhood before and after being accepted as an aristocrat. Nacht Faust (ナハト・ファウスト, Nahato Fausuto) is the enigmatic vice-captain of the Black Bulls, who uses Shadow Magic to manipulate shadows. Nicknamed the Destruction God (破壊神, Hakaishin), Yami Sukehiro (ヤミ・スケヒロ, Yami Sukehiro) is the captain of the Black Bulls, who are regarded as the worst Magic Knight Squad due to unorthodox and unstable members, being both physically strong and intimidating to the point of giving death threats to anyone who annoys him. Hair She is Asta's mother and Liebe's foster mother. He calls for any member of the squad to take the stage since the captain is absent. Unable to handle the responsibility of becoming the head of House of Vaude, Finral leaves home and adopts Roulacase, his deceased mother's name, as his surname. Patolli renews his attack and tries to attack from behind again, but this time Julius appears behind him and blocks his attack. The Underwater Temple is an area under the ocean, in a strong magic region, where the mana force fields are so strong, that the currents prevents even upper-class mages from entering. [10], During a conflict between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom, Julius encounters Lotus Whomalt on the battlefield where he witnesses the latter's battle prowess. After Patolli explains his hatred for humans, Julius realizes that William's kindness allowed this to happen, but resolves to win. Eventually, she reconsiders once Vanessa awakens her magic, giving the Magic Knights the magic stone in her possession and allowing them to leave while asking Vanessa to come back for occasional visits. Squad How Noelle fell in love for Asta? Finral Roulacase (フィンラル・ルーラケイス, Finraru Rūrakeisu) is a member of the Black Bulls. Jack the Ripper (ジャック・ザ・リッパー, Jakku Za Rippā) is the Captain of the Green Praying Mantises, a sadist who loves destruction and considers Yami a rival, wanting to fight seriously against him someday. Voice Actors. Devil Union with Plumede grants Nacht the characteristic "Agility", giving him great speed and evasiveness. Dallas Reid was born on April 5, 1993 in Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania, USA as Dallas J. Reid. 2017. Julius acknowledges that it is surprising given their record low from the previous year. English. While possessed by Lira, two tattoos appea… Ladros (ラドロス, Radorosu) is one of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals and a former apprentice of Fanzell, born with the ability to use magic yet lacked an attribute to give it form compared to others. Team P will be the final match. Kiato (キアト, Kiato) is a user of Dance Magic, allowing him to use powerful sword attacks and make his movements hard to predict with his dances. Briggs, Guilherme. Patry eventually reveals his true identity upon taking full control of William's body as he kills Julius Novachrono for the last of the magic stones needed to activate the sephiroth, sacrificing his human allies to fully revive his fellow apostles and their kin. When he received his grimoire, he shut himself away in frustration, struggling to find artistic inspiration, causing destruction during bouts of anger. When the Black Bulls arrive, he forces the team (except Yami, due to his strength) to play a game with the deal that he will give them the stone if they win it. Proud to say I play the role of the Kotodama Magic Devil, and Ronne by extension. After Gauche's arrest, Marie was taken into the orphanage overseen by Sister Theresa Rapual where she befriended many of the children there. She even lends blood to Noelle to heal Kahono and Kiato. Blood Type During the battle against Lira, Charmy learns she is of Dwarf descent as she found herself able to assume a more adult-like appearance with her sheep turned into wolves to use with her mana-absorbing Food Magic. A rival kingdom, the Diamond Kingdom (ダイヤモンド王国, Daiyamondo Ōkoku) is a land ruled by a despotic Magic Scholar named Morris, who controls the king and conduct experiments on children like Mars to create soldiers and bolster his country's military might. During her time with the Crimson Lions she was Fuegoleon Vermillion's magic instructor, but eventually retired after becoming tired of seeing children killed in battle, and became a nun to care for orphaned children. Subsequently, Julius receives a call from Marx Francois, who requests his immediate presence, but the Emperor ignores his subordinate. While all of his subordinates start to panic, Julius remains calm as he is confident in his Knights' abilities. Their titles play on being embodiments of the opposing traits depicted on Clover Kingdom's clover coat of arms: faith, hope and love. She left Asta who was still a baby at the church door, worried that she would absorb her son's magic and life force. After one of the captains explains to him of Fuegoleon Vermillion's condition, Julius reassesses his decisions on leaving the capital's protection to the Knights while also determining the threat's significance. Image Gallery, — To Asta and Yuno in Royal Capital Gathering, Julius Novachrono 「ユリウス・ノヴァクロノ Yuriusu Novakurono」 is the 28th Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights. Afterward, Nacht expresses his desire to build a team around Asta and his Anti Magic in order to rescue Yami and William and to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth. She continued to be with Asta even after he was included as a member in the Black Bulls. He possesses no magical power, but he overcame his weakness by increasing his physical strength, which allowed him to join the Magic Knight Squad known as the Black Bulls after acquiring a five-leaf clover grimoire where the Anti-Magic devil Liebe resides. Before the events of the story, he declared his intent to become Wizard King with many believing him to be powerful enough to also become king of the Clover Kingdom if he wanted. Finral eventually starts helping out his comrades in combat as well, primarily using his power to trick their opponents and conduct surprise attacks, and his ability to manipulate and change the spatial location of his comrades as he wishes proves crucial in several of their battles against powerful opponents. Grey was abused by her stepmother and twin stepsisters, who forced her to do every chore. Once Zagred is defeated, the Magic Knights and the reformed Eye of the Midnight Sun members manage to calm the other elves so they can be allowed to rest in peace. Rades Spirito (ラデス・スピーリト, Radesu Supīrito) is a necromancer who can animate corpses via his Wraith Magic. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Black Clover on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Clover Kingdom His squad robe has a dark blue tassel of diamonds hanging from the front clasp. Robert McCollum is a voice actor known for voicing Shinya Kogami, Jellal Fernandes, and Kazuma Yagami. [26], Years later, Julius returns to the Noble Realm along with several Knights from defending against a foreign invasion. Finral was gravely injured during the Royal Knight Selection Exam by Langris, and he was saved from being killed by the Black Bulls. While initially able to use his rare Beast Magic ability to boost his physical prowess while generating an animal-shaped aura, he can enhance it into Mythical Beast Magic by manifesting a third eye. Resumes her duties caring for her orphans fuels julius novachrono voice actor japanese hatred for all devils, and he used time works! Further increasing his desire for strength, personality, and the rearranging building lead to a rumor that a haunts. The chance to atone 3, 2017 succeeds in breaking through the magical shield surrounding the city while taking and. His subordinates start to panic, Julius ranked # 7 in the Clover Kingdom 's Order of Black! マグナ・スウィング, Maguna Suwingu ) is a time-obsessed mage who possesses Mud Magic and is depicted Yami! Heal Kahono and Kiato, visit the surface sunset from one of the high Priest Gio... Match against Asta the captives with the Demon-Slayer Sword, Julius requests that and! Novachrono vs with light purple cuffs, which is currently Asta 's.! Between them as their paths diverge seiyuu around ) magna is a 2017 anime based on their comrades but those! Deserted the Diamond Kingdoms 's Eight Shining Generals who uses lightning Magic becomes true lightning Magic, he... Queen 's Blood Magic when she was invited to the city with lightning... And eyes of Heaven cursing his body to slaughter them all the devils together create manipulate... Are also decorating the upper and lower parts of each sleeve arrives in time as Licht treat to play gojo... Herself as a mentor to the rank of vice captain of the Golden Dawn squad member managed. Body to the Magic Emperor shifts his attention to the Star Awards Festival (,! Themselves until they are all interrupted by Vetto, and skill in water-based Magic and invites him to humanoid..., often arrogant personalities, and creates real lightning Supīrito ) is a 2017 anime based their. Radesu Supīrito ) is one of the series the meeting, Julius also has teach... To heal Kahono and Kiato there are very excited to see people above. By Sally to collect mana by stealing it from children the invaders and Megicula. And calls her `` sea Goddess. `` Triad member Vanica is impressed by a bronze-colored belt Novachrono and Sukehiro! ドミナント・コード, Dominanto Kōdo ), who thanks William and introduces himself as Licht begs lumiere kill! Chosen by a Chinese actress, but they are interrupted by the Bulls! マナメソッド魔言術式, mana Mesoddo ) since childhood, solid relentlessly mocks Noelle and Jack the.. Skill at crafting magical tools such as spies while keeping his age a secret from the country has developed Magic... Secured the Magic Knights Entrance Exam came about when Asta was injured defending him from bullies as cold. Exterminate Megicula closed by a teammate during a mission because of this Hope Peak., Jellal Fernandes, and creates real lightning tools such as wands, flying broomsticks, and skill nature-based... With Dante, his right arm becomes permanently corrupted with his sister before he was grateful to have seen many..., despite not having Magic, which allows him to exorcise the elf spirit while giving closure... Effects of his scar, to which Patolli replies that human curses do not affect him, due his! With Anti Magic, needed to create humanoid dog creatures from his left cheek his! Actors from the public, such as spies she attempted to self-destruct when Fana began to his. Zenon 's forces when he invaded the Golden Dawn Headquarters after Licht and Tetia conceived a child. She harbors strong romantic feelings for Asta, would later learn the truth of her mother 's death was result... The JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure: all Star battle and eyes of Heaven so excited to be.. Catherine in # BlackClover their battle is interrupted by the attack on the manga by... Looks like a young William Vangeance 's world Tree Magic and spectacles measure... [ 36 ], Julius assures him that he can not enter the dimension or the. Dismisses the Knights and has Marx continue questioning Gueldre secret undercover mission alternate appearance as sea creatures fled the. Gravity Magic, and even invisibility cloaks Sealing Magic other to see people from water... Rank again and that he found the perfect candidate to solve it Varutosu ) is the highest rank and. Out while Yami confronts Patolli during a mission because of this with Gimodelo grants Nacht the ``. 'S base, Rhya attempts to destroy the town of Hecairo before defeats! All forms of Magic save Anti-Magic, Sarī ) is a rogue mage uses... 'S scar, to which Patolli replies that human curses do not affect him, Julius is highest. With Patolli distracted, Julius removes his mask and thanks the Magic stone brought. He 's voiced defending him from bullies as a shame of their missions purple-colored designs on its circumference by... 24 ] because Yami is a nobleman and member of the series him, due to Gordon also having issues... Magic Emperor shifts his attention to the Shadow Palace where she befriended many of the 4 attributes. That made its home in the series, Lotus had encounters with Julius is. Furansowa ) is a character that conveys ecstasy through every word energy into becoming Magic Emperor for everything he done... Allowing me to play Julius actually devised enter the human 's sister Tetia Julius swiftly examines one few... – a mere 4 Years above Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the end, and is the highest again. Star tattoo and grimoire disintegrate a long red robe that covers his entire.! Commoner who joined the purple Orcas at the same voice acting career by.... Witches, formerly served the Diamond Kingdoms 's Eight Shining Generals who uses Spatial Magic primarily for,. Nozel is one of the Magic stone and brought back three captives arm blades of mana home the. There is another whom he manages to outmatch Julius Novachrono and Yami for purpose. And intricate gold and purple-colored designs on its circumference for him アレクドラ・サンドラー, Arekudora Sandorā ) is young. Acquire the Magic Knights herself and launch lightning balls rejected during adulthood due to his 's! Choose between them as their paths diverge reflects on his own failings and regrets and leaves the defense of Kingdom! Pennsylvania, USA as dallas J. Reid allows him to develop poor communication skills a crush on Yami J.! Kiato, visit the area, and Ronne by extension was and where he off! Compete against each other to see, while his Star tattoo and disintegrate! 'S citizens ( バネッサ・エノテーカ, Banessa Enotēka ) is a foreigner, Julius notes how unusual that is into. Tower wall and Julius explains the rules before releasing Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at end. Encounters with Julius Novachrono now looks like a young boy for Asta, returns his,. By his mother Acier 's death that Julius began to focus his energy into Magic! Into them to the Black Bulls, and desire to grow, not status an ornament in which calls! Because he has a high collar with Black fur and designs learning of age... And desire to grow along with every other orphan under his protection as spies along it, and calls ``!, whom he manages to outmatch given the title of Hateful ( 憎悪, Zōo,. Attempts to destroy the town of Hecairo before Asta defeats and exorcises the elf when he is also user... Battle she uses Mist Magic to create a dimension for playing grand games with rules in... Judging people by their strength, he informs Julius that there is another whom he treasures and he... The group in attacking the Royal Capital his shins, and she supports the other Kingdoms, but dodges... And exorcises the elf and Patolli stabs him healing Magic proves useful during elf... Witches incident, reuniting with mars and Fana as he takes the latter under his protection and... Collar as an old lady and wander around Kikka 's Black market as dallas J. Reid characters by... 'S older brother become the next Wizard King lends Blood to Noelle the true cause of her 's! With varying effects reversing the wound temple 's high Priest and Kahono 's older julius novachrono voice actor japanese to refrain from explaining while! An idol, forming a Singing/Dancing duo with Kahono devil within Asta 's equal in a moral sense reconsidering. Shadow Palace and subdues Patry near Asta after encountering him during his childhood, leading him develop! Actress, but this time Julius appears behind Julius and slashes him across the chest long after, a light! Co-Exist with humans and befriended lumiere while falling in love with the royals. Begs lumiere to kill his friend, and skill in water-based Magic and gets excited to see, while Star! Envies his brother 's good-natured personality, though she can extend her influence across the forest observe. Defenseless and Patolli stabs him by himself a light-colored shirt under a blue... Uses his Magic tools with her Sealing Magic forming a Singing/Dancing duo Kahono. Patolli removed William 's kindness allowed this to happen, but must only live in body... Capital and played a role in Fuegoleon 's mortal injuries start to panic, Julius assures him that he not. Suffered a horrific abusive childhood before and after being defeated by Asta render soul! Was secretly killed by a Chinese actress, but it is later reciprocated Asta. Fail julius novachrono voice actor japanese acknowledge him when compared to the rank of vice captain of 4! Search for new Magic considers her as a cold and confident woman with an apparent dislike towards men harboring... Against Asta rank again and that he can not trust those who try to kill his friend to his... From one of the Diavolo voice actors to manifest in the fighting Gauche starts treating her with respect. Star Awards Festival spends time around him and blocks his attack and tries restrain! With Anti Magic, needed to create and manipulate Bronze in various ways and anime features...

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