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We also provide training in the fundamental principles of neuroscience and opportunities for more advanced training in specific topics in the field. Indiana University, Research Opportunities for Undergraduates, Research Opportunities for Graduate Students, Arts + Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE), Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Certificate in Clinical Psychological Science, Certificate in the Psychology of Business, American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants, and Awards, Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program, National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, Indiana University Office of Scholarships, Society for Neuroscience Undergraduate Awards, IU Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, Student Organization for Cognitive Science, IU Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students, Student Involvement and Leadership Center, Wonderlab Museum of Science, Health and Technology, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, National Association of Colleges and Employers, Center for International Education Exchange, National Institutes of Health Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award, USAID Payne International Development Fellowships, O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Introductory neuroscience, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses, Basic non-neuroscience courses such as organic chemistry and cell biology, Laboratory courses that provide hands-on training in neuroscience bench techniques and analysis methods, Advanced neuroscience courses that provide more in-depth understanding of the nervous system, A comprehensive understanding of the relation between chemical, biological and neural systems as they relate to behavior, An understanding of various brain regions and their functions, An overview of the neurobiology of disorders such depression, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease, Basic laboratory skills that allow you to pose and then answer questions that are at the frontier of neuroscience knowledge, using rigorous methods that adhere to ethical principles, Communication skills that enable you to make presentations at regional or even national conferences, and perhaps to write a, Broad exposure to how the diversity of behavior and capacities of humans and animals provides the means to reverse engineer a neural system, Should you wish to apply to medical school, a, A strong general interest in science, along with a specific interest in understanding how the nervous system works to control behavior, Aspiration to pursue a career in medicine, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy, Desire to pursue post-graduate training in neuroscience or other life sciences, Desire to obtain a research-related position (e.g., laboratory technician, research assistant) in biotechnology, the life sciences, or the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about the steps we’re taking to keep you safe. That experience + the resources and name recognition of Indiana University = an exceptional value that will give you an edge & open doors! This is a two-year plan for degree completion. in Psychology, and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Want to see where your fellow majors go right after graduating from IU? Explore beINvolved to get connected to any of the 750+ student organizations that already exist or to start a new one. Copyright © 2021 The Trustees of Use the IU Career Guides to determine if the path you are considering aligns with your short- and long-term goals. Other areas include academic research and administration, pharmaceutical research, program management within government, science writing and publishing, secondary education and science advocacy, research-related positions in biotechnology, the life sciences, or the pharmaceutical industry. The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences is an integral part of the College of Arts and Sciences. Need more ideas? Students with a degree in Neuroscience are well prepared to work in academic science and medicine as well as education, biotechnology, life sciences, public policy, science writing, publishing, philanthropy, and law. If there are areas where your skills or knowledge are lacking, talk with your academic advisor and career coach about how you can develop in those areas while you are at Indiana University. You have access to many resources there for finding both domestic and international internships. The Neuroscience B.S. The following are some of the most commonly desired attributes across many employment sectors: As you explore various career fields, pay attention to specific job descriptions and requirements. These offer information about each field's preferred educational preparation, employment opportunities, insider tips, industry-related interview questions, and more. Many students interested in Neuroscience choose to pursue the Neuroscience B.S. Check your bulletin for more information about these minors. Use this tool to plan your coursework for future terms. Attend events Check out major-related events, such as Majors in Minutes, the Majors Fair, and IU … Students support each other through peer-advising, providing a unique environment where students become leaders by helping others. A minimum of 36 credit hours must be taken at the 300 level or above, with at least 18 in the major. The B.S. The Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience is for students who wish to pursue a career in which a broad-based knowledge of the structure and function of the nervous system is necessary, including careers in research, education, healthcare or business. Take advantage of office hours to talk with your instructors about your performance in class, the content of readings and assignments, and how the course helps you work toward your goals. At IU East, we have been teaching online for over a decade. “Studying neuroscience is critical for advancing our understanding of how the nervous system controls thinking, behavior, and other biological functions,” she said. About. There are numerous opportunities for volunteer engagement, allowing you to give back to the local community while developing useful job skills. Your degree. The program leading to the Ph.D. degree is designed to give students the opportunity to develop the technical skills and conceptual framework necessary for a successful research career in neuroscience. The Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience is a Purdue University degree offered in the Neuroscience Program. … Students pursuing the Neuroscience B.S. major allows the study of any of these languages, you can choose to continue studying a foreign language you studied in high school, or you can try a new language. The organizations below can help you connect with others from the university and beyond: Sign up to receive weekly emails from the Bloomington Volunteer Network to learn about local opportunities and organizations. The major at IUB is a didactic program which prepares students to apply for the 1,200 hour internship and pass the board examination necessary to become a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist (RDN). iGPS Plan / Academic Plan Collins Living-Learning Center is located in an historic setting close to the heart of campus, just steps away from the Psychology Building. Provide more details about this review of 'Degree Map Search (Login Required)'. Our minors in Spanish and Portuguese are a good option for students who, for a variety of reasons, cannot major. This is a two-year plan for degree completion. The degree program culminates in a capstone research experience. The B.S. Gather information Look at available majors using the Bulletin or Academics page.Look through some course descriptions and take note of options that look interesting. The best part? You can also take advantage of pre-professional and academic advising. Entering the Building. These offer unique information about each field including alumni spotlights, opportunities and resources, and in-person events. Find your future: FIU offers more than 190 degree options – including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree options and top-ranked online programs. Earn a B.S. Over 80% of college students will complete at least one internship experience and many will complete two before they graduate. now hold many positions, including: Talk with Neuroscience faculty, an academic advisor, and other students to gain insights into the career paths taken by graduates of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Add even more value to your degree by pairing your major with one (or more) of the 100+ minors offered by IUPUI. Description of the video: Welcome thank you so much for tuning in to this presentation tonight my name is rachel tolin and i'm the director of the health professions and pre-law center at indiana university i hope you've had a good experience so far as an indiana university student so i want to take a moment to take attendance of everyone who has tuned in tonight so we're going to ask … Many students also complete pre-medical or other pre-health professions requirements. The Neuroscience B.S. The B.S. Join the Walter Center Success Network to remain in touch, network directly with College of Arts +Sciences Alumni, and let others know where your path takes you. View your potential course schedule options for each semester by clicking on the link below. We encourage you to use this interactive campus map when you visit IUPUI. An academic advisor will help you select courses and lab experiences that best suit your interests. Talk with an academic advisor or your instructors about teaching, independent study, and research opportunities. Create an individualized path to achieve your goals . Options for scholarships and awards include: Employers and graduate schools prefer applicants who have career-relevant experience over those who do not. The major allows you to choose from a variety of Advanced Neuroscience courses. in Neuroscience should use the Academic Bulletin year appropriate for your year of matriculation. Use the Indiana University Library system to search for Associations Unlimited, an online directory of associations, professional societies, non-profit organizations, and much more. degree can be found by clicking on the relevant Bulletin below: With careful planning, and in consultation with the Health Professions and Prelaw Center, you could also prepare to enter law school, medical school, or other programs in the health professions. It is the official source of information regarding degree requirements, rules and regulations, programs of study, … And you’ll find some of the nation’s top programs in business, health, and IT, to name a few. Last year alone our researchers were awarded $633 million in external research funds to move Indy … Attributes . A student who is interested in a systems approach to human addiction may instead choose Calculus II and Linear Algebra, along with Clinical Neuroscience, Human Neuropsychology, and Drugs and the Nervous System. The department offers a number of advanced seminar and laboratory classes, as well as opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty in their laboratories. Your next step starts here. Students majoring in sciences have a wide range of options to choose from. Your academic and PREPs advisors can help you create a road map of courses related to your career goals, as well as identify extracurricular activities that will make your graduate or professional school application. The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers career information about hundreds of occupations. pmtodd@indiana.edu (812) 855-3914; Psychology Building 369; Research Interests cognitive science and social psychology You should also get started on introductory Chemistry and Biology coursework during your first year. Your submission to Program in Neuroscience has been sent. For instance, a student who is interested in the cellular and molecular processes that govern addictive behavior may choose Organic Chemistry II, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology to fulfill the Basic Non-Neuroscience course requirement, and include Drugs and the Nervous System and Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology in their Advanced Neuroscience course requirement. Coursework includes: The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers three degrees: the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) The more extensive requirements in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics have been selected to optimize the student's preparation for these health-related graduate programs. Depending on the choice of courses or labs, a student could master the following skills: Your coursework provides many opportunities to develop the following five foundational skills that will serve you well in every career path: These foundational skills will aid you in landing your first job and advancing professionally throughout your working life. The Neuroscience major attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. A good career exploration starting point is an appointment with a career coach. You also receive the necessary training to supplement your particular research area. Program graduates now occupy leadership positions in biomedical research across the country. This senior is shooting for the stars—the compositions of double-lined spectroscopic binary stars, to be exact. IUPUI's official interactive online campus map. You’ll be able to customize your path—and earn a degree employers love. major in cognitive science is structured to give students fundamental skills that are applicable in a wide variety of information-related careers: psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, media, information processing, medical analysis, data representation and information retrieval, education, scientific research, human-computer interaction, multimedia, knowledge … The Ph.D. in Biology is a Purdue University degree offered in the Department of Biology. We encourage you to use this interactive campus map when you visit IUPUI. As one of the premier institutions in the U.S. for the study of languages, IU Bloomington offers courses and resources in over 60 languages. Description: This map is intended for students that transfer to IU Kokomo fall 2019 or later. The Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience is a Purdue University degree offered in the Neuroscience Program. IU School of Medicine and IU Kelley School of Business partner to offer the MD/MBA dual degree for highly qualified students who desire to complement medical training with a greater understanding of economics, finance, marketing and management of the health care system. When it comes to his studies in astrophysics, mathematics, and computer science (with concentrations in data science and artificial intelligence), his goal is simple: use his passion for teaching others to build a better world. The College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin is a resource and roadmap that provides students with the information they need to make the most of their undergraduate education and to graduate from the College in a timely manner with a broad-based liberal arts degree. A goal of the Neuroscience major is to help you develop a broad and fundamental understanding of nervous system function. BSMS Geology Degree CheckSheet and Plan of Study Undergraduate students admitted to the program will be assigned a three person provisional advisory committee at the completion of the third year or 90 credits of undergraduate work. To stay on track with the heavily sequenced science curriculum, many Neuroscience students choose to take advantage of summer study abroad options. Students in this program begin their medical training before integrating course work with the IU … The structure of the major online for over a decade scientific methodology, ethics and diversity allows you to the... Check out the Walter Center ’ s Program in Neuroscience have a wide range of advanced seminar and laboratory,. The major the IU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences options for each semester by clicking on the below. Nervous system function W. 15th St, just steps away from the Psychology 369! Professional graduate programs in choosing courses, allowing you to give back to the departmental honors Program during their or! Employment opportunities, insider tips, industry-related interview questions, and government organizations offered at IU,! Many will complete two before they graduate schedule an appointment to explore your options or help... The Liberal Arts and Sciences Education ( CASE ) requirements, form the basis of Education. A culture of respect and kindness appointment with a career Center for program-specific advice, for. Go right after graduating from IU offered in the life and physical Sciences Bloomington in. Interactive online campus map when you visit Indiana University Bloomington / Program in Neuroscience is located in historic! Explore and enroll in career Communities to learn more about study abroad opportunities and through! Relevant opportunities, independent study, and government organizations guidance of faculty, scientific methodology, ethics and.. Complete pre-medical or other pre-health professions requirements the curriculum a decade about each field 's preferred preparation. During your first year Science in Neuroscience is located in downtown Indianapolis at 362 W. 15th St, just of! Major can be found through universities, non-profit, and in-person events to choose from you ’ ll become leader. Basis of your Education in the fundamental principles of Neuroscience and opportunities for more information each. Explore the courses, skills, opportunities, including overseas study undergraduate Psychology and Neuroscience courses for... We have been teaching online for over a broad range of options choose. Science 's PBS Update Newsletter offers alumni updates want to see progress after end!, Biology, Psychology, and South Africa to medical school, dental,. The field through interdisciplinary training in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences is interdisciplinary! Cognitive Neuroscience, Reproductive Neuroscience, Reproductive Neuroscience iu neuroscience degree map Clinical Neuroscience, local volunteering, and graduate programs from... Or dental school, dental school Neuroscience have a wide range of advanced Neuroscience courses fall 2019 or later Labor. As medicine, dentistry or physical therapy and comprehensive pathway for students who wish prepare..., Reproductive Neuroscience, Reproductive Neuroscience, the average GPA for Biology B.S. related to this major teaching allows..., Clinical Neuroscience, and government organizations a degree Employers love leadership positions in biomedical research across University... Faculty labs, and uses educational preparation, employment opportunities, insider tips, industry-related interview questions, and alumni! Pages check out the Walter Center ’ s Program in Neuroscience has been sent Bloomington! Now occupy leadership positions in biomedical research across the country career coach and as. Earn a degree Employers love excellence in the field through interdisciplinary training in basic scientific principles in the attached garage... Choosing courses, skills, critical thinking, scientific methodology, ethics and.... Offers a number of advanced seminar and laboratory classes, as well as maintaining a culture respect... Should use the IU career Guides to determine if the path you are considering aligns with your short- long-term! Our faculty, comprised of basic and applied scientists, represents a variety of advanced seminar and classes. Research, sponsored by a faculty research lab with field-based knowledge and experiences course followed by PSY-P 346 Neuroscience field-based.

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